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Where To Buy B5 Vitamins? For Acne Treatment

hey guys! maybe u could tell me where i could buy B5 vitamins? tsaka different brands yun, i wonder what's the best one. I found one on the internet "VitaCure B5 Clearskin". Is this also avauilable in the phils? I just don't want to order from the internet kasi i dont like the idea of sending checks through mail. Thanks in advance!


  • Doc Ira or Eyedoc, the B5 Vitamin that i was referring to was the capsules that were said to cure acne. I have read a number of articles on the internet about it, saying it has amazing results. I wonder where i can buy such products here in the Philippines? Thanks ulit :D
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I have no idea. It's not an accepted treatment by physicians.
  • ...hi! nasa ny ako now, there's this store called the vitamin shoppe at dun ako bumibili ng b5 vitamins, the brand i buy is called 'solgar' i buy the 500mg of 250 tablets, it costs about $23 per bottle and would last for 13 days, pricey i know but it works big time, good thing andito ako sa states at na-a-afford ko.

    ...in a month, pansin mo na ung decrease ng oil production, mabwi-bwisit ka nga lang sa initial breakouts but it's normal, in my case it lasted for 2 months, in 3 months clear improvement na makikita mo, i swear it works talaga. i'm on my 6th month now :)



  • DOC IRA : although it may not be an accepted treatment by physicians, are there any undesirable side effects from taking b5 vitamin supplements? Cuz if there's nothing wrong with taking b5 supplements, I would want to try it :D
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    It does not only not work, it requires you to take megadoses of vitamin B5 (10-20 GRAMS), which your body doesn't need. The theory behind using this for acne is a bit lame, and doses this high can cause nausea and chronic fatigue. The stories behind its effectivity is purely anecdotal.
  • ...with all due respect to doc ira, i understand that based in the medical point of view, it simply doesn't accept about the b5 thing...it's funny coz i read in some b5 website na it's such a big conspiracy since the acne industry is a multi-million industry and the rave & effectiveness of b5 can wipe all the clearsil's - oxy's - accunate's - etc. he he! :lol:

    ...but in my case and opinion..and not to offend anyone..it truly does work...before b5, after taking a shower, then a couple of hours later, i will blot a thick tissue on my face, and the tissue seem to have been soaked in oil, literelly!...but now, there's has not been a single trace of oil on the tissue hours after taking a shower. b5 will not dry your skin, it will make it like of a normal skin type.

    ...as an acne sufferer, believe me i've tried everything, and i mean everything in the market (except accutane)...b5 is the only thing that works, atleast for me :)

    ...though as with any other drugs & vitamins, it's best/recommended to further your research before taking into account about engaging oral intake of any kind.

    ...here's a link worth checking http://www.coenzyme-a.com/acne_vulgaris.html

    ... :)
  • kyutfeys : did you experience any side effects after taking the b5 supplement? Would you know any store in the Philippines that sells b5?

    I know what you mean about the oilyness of the face after just a few hours from washing the face. I experience that too :(
  • kyutfeys: I noticed you wrote a 250 capsule bottle lasts 13 days? Does that mean you take almost 20 capsules a day?

    I also found a website which discourages a b5 treatment which you might like to take a look:

  • ...peoples, that's right! 20 tablets a day :)

    ...the first day i took the 20 tabs a day, at the end of the day, i experienced a mild form of diarrhea...this happens like once or twice a month in my case, very mild lang na diarrhea & not a persistent one.

    ...once in a while i incur insomnia, kse b5 is an anti-stress vitamin and it gives you a substantial amount of energy, 'red bull' & 'lipovitan' i believe has b5, so parang di ka makatulog..pero insomniac naman talaga ako in nature e! :D

    ...and i must say, my lifestyle has not been so stressfull due to b5, it's what they say the anti-stress vitamin nga!

    ...peoples, the website link you posted has an agenda, it markets a certain book that you have to purchase about their theory on other alternative treatment other than b5 http://www.natural-acne-treatments.com/acne.html
  • kyutfeys-- hmm...anti-stress huh? I think I need that! :D did you experience chronic fatigue or nausea?

    Sorry for the numerous questions ha but as you've said, do the research :) I plan to start slow to see how I'd react to it--maybe 1 capsule a day for a week and increase to 2 capsules a day for a week and so on. I just hope I can find a store here that sells em.
  • peoples: you can try GNC. sa mga malls merong ganyang stalls. or try mercury drugstore. kaso i saw 250mg tablets lang sa GNC about 700 bucks ata per 100 capsules. i think im gonna pass on the B5. its expensive and im afraid of the long term effects if they do have. let me know if it really did work. maybe i'll think about on taking it again. :D
  • ...hi! peoples

    ...i didn't experience any fatigue or nausea :)

    ...b5 is very sensitive to light, heat & moisture, kaya a good brand is recommended, i buy the 'solgar' brand, it's one of the most expensive brand but it's potency is unquestionable...i think may gnc brand dyan sa manila, meron din dito sa ny, but i don't trust gnc, marami akong nababasa sa google message board that it doesn't work tapos mahal pa!

    ...it's a must to take 10 grams a day to take advantage of b5..kse nag-try na rin ako ng b5 before that turns out to be unsuccessful kse i only took 2 grams a day, like two 500mg tabs twice a day, and di pa ko sure sa brand na nabili ko.....i decided to try it again last year june 2003 and decided do it right this time, i haven't stop taking the 10 grams a day upto now

    ...but if you plan to just take a few tabs/capsules initially and gradually increase them, i guess that's ok, syempre you're just being cautious, i just hope that while you're gradually increasing your intake, sana umabot ka sa 10 grams a day (twenty 500mg tabs/capsules) without having major side effects, then stop increasing from there...depende rin kse sa tao yan e! di naman ako ganon ka-sensitive kaya lucky me :D

    ...the important rule in taking b5 are the ff:
    -choose a good brand
    -take 10 grams a day...spread your intake..like taking 5 tabs/caps 4 times a day with b5 500mg...don't take the 20 tabs/caps all at once...b5 is best taken after a meal
    -don't eat foods that has too much iodine

    ...general b5 questions http://www.b5supplements.com/General-B5-Questions-Acne-Prevent.html

    ... :)
  • Thanks for all your insights and information :)

    I am still weighing my option between this b5 and roaccutane. It seems like b5 is as expensive (if not more!) as roaccutane. But I hear roaccutane has side effects.

    To Doc IRA, are there any LONG term side effects of taking 10g of b5? Is it true that b5 is water soluble such that, like vit c, our body will wash away any excess?
  • peoples: dude, i think roaccutane must be prescribed by a dermatologist. and i think its a last resort to acne treatment. i think u better consult professional advice before taking that drug.
  • how about Minocycline, me nakagamit na ba nito dito?

    Doc Ira what can you say? Ok ba ito?
  • Minocycline is an antibiotic. It needs a prescription.
  • thanks eyedoc, actually a dr. here in my place have prescribed this to me (Borymycin as its name here) and I am trying to ask if somebody have used this.

    Do have any other insight? thanks?
  • ang mahal ng b5 sa gnc--almost P600 for 100 tablets lang :(
  • Originally posted by Peoples
    ang mahal ng b5 sa gnc--almost P600 for 100 tablets lang :(
    ...i know how you feel, sorry to hear that, pricey talaga sya!...kung nasa manila ako, i might not be able to afford it too. baka pang-gimik ko na lang ung money instead of buying b5 :D

    Originally posted by Peoples
    I am still weighing my option between this b5 and roaccutane. It seems like b5 is as expensive (if not more!) as roaccutane. But I hear roaccutane has side effects.
    ...here in the sates, accutane is so mad expensive, like 5 times more than b5, plus mahal pa consultation and tests before finally getting your prescription.
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    There is still no long-term study on megadoses of vit B, since it's not really a treatment that's espoused by the mainstream medical community, and especially not for acne, so you're on your own if you want to try this.

    Roaccutane is expensive, but its effect is semi-permanent, so even if you halt this, the acne will not be back. The side effects of Roaccutane will be minimized if you strictly adhere to your dermatologist's advice regarding its intake, labs that need to be done periodically, and your follow-ups. You will definitely not be able to buy this without a doctor prescribing you this, though. The side effects of unsupervised intake is just too high.
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