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Rodman or Wallace?

neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
Given the choice between Dennis Rodman and Ben Wallace, who would you pick? Both are excellent rebounders and top-notch defenders.


  • kala ko si RashWEED hehe... pero kung Big Ben or Worm, I'd go with Wallace. He's just a beast inside! tapos na-develop na rin nya yung offense nya unlike si Rodman na balibag-tae yung mga tira. :glee: Rodman is more entertaining and fun to watch but I'd rather want Wallace to be on my team. Dude is a workhorse night in and night out. And he's not a headcase, off the court.

  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Na-inspire lang ako sa column na nabasa ko sa espn.com :glee:

    Ako, I'd pick Rodman. Although it would be a big risk; you'd need a coach who can control him like Chuck Daly and Phil Jackson did. At his best, Rodman is big-time player who can help you win championships. I just don't see that in Big Ben. Have yet to see him come up big when his team needs it the most. But then again, he's still young.
  • I'm going with RODMAN here...

    5 rings... need i say more?
  • i'd go with rodman ... without his crazy antics of course heheh.
    seriously speaking, both rodman and wallace are similar in the sense that they are great rebounders and defenders. but experience-wise, rodman leads by miles. when he was young, rodman averages almost 10 to 15 points a game. as he grew older, maybe he just got tired of scoring and saw the art of rebounding more exciting than the art of shooting.

    i can't believe the man. parang may magic. he's not that tall but he snares rebounds from taller guys.
  • Master P: pwede paki post yung link ng article? bihira lang kc ako magpunta sa espn.com. ang gulo kc ng mga links. :D

  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Remembering the other Rodman
    By Mark Kreidler
    Special to ESPN.com

    It's all one long reality show for Dennis Rodman now, and that's the crying shame of it. Not for Rodman, of course; the man is living his life and, what, you and I are going to tell him he can't? He wants to fall drunk off motorcycles and be on a first-name basis with half the cops in Newport Beach, that's how it's going to be.

    Nope, the shame here is really for anyone who didn't see Rodman before he became a cartoon. The shame is for the basketball fan for whom Rodman's name only conjures a vision of a tattooed love boy getting escorted off the court with his jersey being flung into the stands, or Carmen Electra's toy of the month.

    And why a shame at all?

    Simply this: The man could play.

    Perhaps the most astonishing thing about Rodman's life in the public eye is how few people seem to remember why he got there in the first place. You may not believe this, but the man in the feather boa was just an incredibly good basketball player.

    Oh, he had no all-around game; Rodman didn't score much and didn't seem terribly interested in it. When he got the ball on an offensive possession, he looked for all the world like he just absolutely couldn't wait to get rid of it again. They won't recall him as Michael Jordan's twin brother.

    But with Rodman now preparing a return to -- well, we have no idea what the 42-year-old plans to return to. But with Rodman having signed with the Long Beach Jam of the American Basketball Association, and there existing at least an outside shot at the man snagging an invite to an NBA practice facility sometime in the relatively near future, it is at least worth taking a few minutes to remember what it was that made him so valuable in the league to begin with.

    Ben Wallace is duly recognized as a great rebounder these days, but Rodman, in his time, was superior in almost every aspect of the art. At 6-foot-8, he routinely outjumped players to whom he gave away inches and pounds. He consistently put himself in the right places on the floor to grab second and third chances for his own team.

    He was a student of the game, as ridiculous as that might sound when applied to the self-parodying Rodman you see before you today. But he really was. The great underplayed storyline in Rodman's career, in fact, was the one about him winning rebounds (and games) with his brain twice as often as his brawn.

    In his heyday, during star turns in Detroit, San Antonio and -- famously -- the Jordan-era Bulls of championship greatness, Rodman watched more basketball videotape than anyone reading this might actually be compelled to believe. He studied the tendencies of shooters around the league -- but the tendencies of his teammates more than anyone else.

    Rodman memorized Jordan's game so thoroughly that if Michael dribbled off the right wing to prepare a jump shot, Dennis knew where the ball was most likely to carom if it missed. He was the best I've ever seen at anticipating the location of a miss, especially on the offensive end. He won scores of rebounds strictly on smarts.

    He led the league in rebounding seven times. He played on title-winning teams and was a central reason why. Now he's a clown in a fright wig. But it wasn't so long ago the man could play.

    He was a human being, too, which he may still be under those layers of self-promotion and attention-calling. The people who only know Rodman from MTV might never guess that the man was sweeping floors at Dallas-Forth Worth Airport before he found his late-bloomer calling in basketball, snagged a spot on a small-college team and somehow got noticed by the NBA's scouts -- that Rodman really represented a great American story of success long before he became the great American story of excess.

    The people who only know Rodman today might never guess that the transition from have-nothing to need-nothing produced in Rodman feelings of gratefulness and wonder that are almost too corny to attempt to articulate. They might never believe that the Rodman of lipstick and wedding dresses could be the same person who, as a young player in Detroit, broke down and cried upon being recognized by the NBA as its top defensive player.

    It seems like eons ago, and maybe it was. The shelf-life of your average pro talent in just about any sport is that of a head of cabbage set out on the front porch. Things spoil pretty fast in this little universe, and maybe Rodman, the newest member of the ABA's Jam, is all done with his days in the sun.

    The numbers, including the one about his age, suggest that's so. And it's a shame. Not for Rodman. Just for anyone who can't understand why he's worth bothering over in the first place.
  • ayt tnx. *okay*

    hehe reading the article, bigla kong naalala yung libro ni Rodman na bad as i wanna be...astig yun eh..lupet!

  • i'd pick rodman, mas consistent sia compared kay wallace

    mas may talent si wallace but he dont deliver every night
  • Masgago parin sa Rasheed kaysa kay Rodman...

    Oops, hehe, di pala yun yung tanong. :D

    BIG BEN all the way.
  • I'd go with Ben because of his capability to block shots (led the league before). Rodman may be a better rebounder, especially instincts-wise, but for me Ben's more all-around. Alley-oop target pa. But then again, Rodman's a three-point threat! Lol
  • Rodman's better because:

    he's undersized for a PF, yet he led the league in rebounding for 7 seasons. (at least 5 consecutive times)

    he can intimidate opposing players by playing mind games, which take them out of their games. he was the best at it. (think Karl Malone or Shawn Kemp during the Chicago title run from 96-98).
  • Hahah kala ko din si sheed!

    I'll take Rodman.
  • Rodman pa rin! i think he averaged like 17 RPG right? then mga 6-8 lang height niya? impressive! And in my opinion, mas hustle player sya kaysa kay Ben Wallace. Rodman would sacrifice himself para lang makuha pa rin nya yung bola. kaaliw pang panoorin on and off the court! Can't forget the time when he kicked a cameraman nung nasa Bulls pa sya. Laugh trip!:lol:
  • Dennis Rodman.

    His antics won it handily for me. But without that factor, yep, he's got five rings which he also worked hard for....
  • Nyak akala ko si Rasheed! Kay Rodman ako :redgrin:
  • i got this from nba.com. i cant beleive he was able to score 34 pts!! lupet rin nung 34 rebounds....

    HIGHS CAREER HIGHS of rodman
    Points 34 vs. Denver 1/02/91
    Field Goals Made 15 vs. Denver 1/02/91
    Field Goals Attempted 21 vs. Denver 1/02/91
    Three Point Field Goals Made 3 2 Times
    Three Point Field Goals Attempted 5 3 Times
    Free Throws Made 9 2 Times
    Free Throws Attempted 12 2 Times
    Offensive Rebounds 18 vs. Indiana 3/04/92
    Defensive Rebounds 23 vs. Dallas 1/22/94
    Total Rebounds 34 vs. Indiana 3/04/92
    Assists 10 vs. Philadelphia 1/16/96
    Steals 4 5 Times
    Blocks 5 2 Times
    Minutes Played 56 @ Utah 2/23/94
  • the_BuGsthe_BuGs PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Originally posted by 9ino
    kala ko si RashWEED hehe... pero kung Big Ben or Worm, I'd go with Wallace. He's just a beast inside! tapos na-develop na rin nya yung offense nya unlike si Rodman na balibag-tae yung mga tira. :glee: Rodman is more entertaining and fun to watch but I'd rather want Wallace to be on my team. Dude is a workhorse night in and night out. And he's not a headcase, off the court.


    bossing offensive threat din dati si da worm nung nsa Detroit sya.

    Rodman pa rin ako... galing manghawak ng pwet eh! :lol:
  • Rodman. just ask the Mailman.hehe
  • bastebaste PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i'd go with rodman... he has proven he can play at the highest level and come up a winner. wallace is great also but between the two im in favor of rodman.. and also for you who said rodmans ofense is weak... check his college stats in terms of his offensive prowess..... he just deviated when he entered the nba into a rebound/defensive demon
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