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The Korean Wave

The Korean Wave a term generally applied to the popularity of Korean pop culture in China and Southeast Asia...

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  • lycheelychee PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I really like korean series and movies. K-pop is great too. I hope the philippines would catch on to this korean wave, but I thik it's starting na with the series on tv and the OSTs played on the radio sometimes
  • topnotch97topnotch97 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
  • Japan Catches on to Winter Love Story
    by Lim Jungwook ([email protected])


    With Japanese broadcaster NHK playing reruns of the 2002 Korean drama ¡°Winter Love Song,¡± the ¡°Korean Wave¡± is now washing up on Japanese shores.
    Under the Japanese title, ¡°Winter Sonata,¡± the Korean drama has received praise as a ¡°drama of pure love, forgotten in Japan,¡± and quietly developed a cult following.

    NHK was forced to play an encore showing of "Winter Sonata" during the Christmas season prime time at 10 p.m. from December 15 to December 26. The station had originally scheduled the showing for sometime at the beginning of next year.

    As soon as the December broadcasts ended, publications and DVDs related to the program started flying off the shelves. The Korean Wave, a term generally applied to the popularity of Korean pop culture in China and Southeast Asia, is heating up in Japan.

    In order to get a feeling for the kind of reception "Winter Love Song" is getting from viewers in Japan, one can check out the Japanese site of the online bookstore Amazon.com (www.amazon.co.jp) -- the most-ordered book as of noon Sunday was a special edition of "Winter Sonata", complete with pictures of scenes from the program.

    Also taking advantage of the program¡¯s success was ¡°A Guide to Korean Drama and Movie Stars,¡± checking in at number nine, and ¡°Beginning Korean through Winter Sonata,¡± at number 10.

    At Amazon Japan¡¯s DVD department, two "Winter Sonata" DVD sets were ranked first and second on the sales list, and in its music section, the drama's audio soundtrack has the top spot all to itself. The "Winter Sonata" DVD surpassed 40,000 sales back in September.

    NHK runs a website (http://www3.nhk.or.jp/kaigai/sonata/index.html) that introduces the director, actors and singers of the drama. Japanese Internet movie provider AII has a portal site for Korean dramas. Propagated rapidly by the Internet, Korean dramas are gaining popularity.

    That¡¯s not all. "Winter Love Song" has sparked a boom in learning Korean in Japan, and travel agencies are preparing marketing blitzes centered on Winter Sonata Korea tourism.

    The viewer response in Japan has really stood out. For the Japanese, it was a story of pure love -- the kind which is said to be hard to find in Japan -- tied together with Korea¡¯s beautiful winter scenery and flowing love songs. One commenter on Amazon.com called "Winter Love Song" a masterpiece of love stories, without equal in Japan. She went on to say that through the drama he had become a fan of Korean dramas, and even friends who had considered Korean dramas to be stupid before were now passionate fans as well.

    In the culture section of Japan¡¯s daily Nikkei Shimbun, one article suggests that with viewer ratings of Japanese dramas falling, interested Japanese parties should take a look at the reasons behind "Winter Love Song"¡¯s success. And with the Korean drama ¡°Hotelier,¡± staring Bae Yong-jun, along with other dramas and movies lined up for release in the Japanese market, it looks like Japan¡¯s Korean Wave is going to continue.
  • altairaltair PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    the Japs tried to supplant Korean culture when they were lording it over on the peninsula

    the Koreans are striking back?
  • the K-wave may have gone mainstream here in the philippines with the airing of the koreanovelas, but my sassy girl is what started it all, i think. it's gained a considerable cult following in the past 2 or 3 years due to word of mouth (mostly among the yuppie and college-student sets) and the accessibility of CD burners. anyway, i hope GMA completes airing all four "endless love" installments. i'm really interested in how the spring and summer series compare with winter sonata.

    rats, i should have been nicer to all those korean exchange students roaming our campus back in college! eh di sana may free bae yong jun posters/ winter sonata VCDs/ korean showbiz chizms na ako ngayon... hehehe :D
  • I started getting into the Korean Wave because of My Sassy Girl and BoA. Now I hound people, asking to borrow their Korean films and cds.
  • ako i started when i saw CHARLENE GONZALES in a miniseries sa Arirang... late 1999 or early 2000 ata yun...

    tapos nang napanood ko movie ni Jang Donggun at Kim Heesun, nagtuloy-tuloy na....

    right now... sa radio may pinapatugtog na silang mga korean songs... (at sa Eat Bulaga rin)
  • charlene?
  • dayspin >> yup... as in CHARLENE GONZALES... the wife of Aga Muhlach... nandun din yung brother niya...

    anyway, nakalimutan ko na yung title pero yung story about WWII...
  • 'Taegukgi' Aims to Fly High at the Box Office

    by Jeon Sang-hee ([email protected])

    "The Korean Flag Waves", scheduled for release on Feb. 6, boasts the potential to be the country biggest blockbuster yet. The fact that it's directed by proven box-office master Kang Je-gyu is enough to draw attention, but the polish on the chrome is the film two biggest movie stars of this age, Jang Dong-geon and Weon Bin. On Chungmu-ro, the studio isn't even bothering to do the marketing research. They're confident that every single movie fan alive will known about the film. People are looking at every aspect of what is expected to rewrite Korean cinematic history.

    The hype surrounding "The Korean Flag Waves", which has set for itself the goal of drawing 10 million moviegoers, is truly astounding.

    Showbox, in charge of the film's distribution, is looking to set a record for most screen showings during a film opening week. The current Korean record holder, "Shilmido", was shown on 325 screens nationwide during its opening week. Showbox plans to shatter that record by putting the film on roughly 400 screens in the first seven days of its release.

    Ahn Su-jin, who works for the film publicity agency Movie People, predicted that the movie goal would be easily reached, since orders from theater owners to show the film are flooding in. The film is pursuing an aggressive advertising strategy as well, running trailers on 800 theaters nationwide. Compared with normal films, which usually run their trailers on around 600 screens, it easy to grasp just how great the hype is.

    The film advanced showing, too, will be on a vast scale. On Feb. 3, the film will hold its "1070 Preview" at Megabox theaters across the country. The preview, which seeks to draw "all citizens, from teenagers to 70-year olds," will give roughly 10,000 viewers the chance to enjoy the movie.

    The marketing costs of "The Korean Flag Wave" shave come out to about W2 billion. Kookmin Bank and other corporations, however, have provided another W2 billion in support, so the marketing bill for the film is reckoned to be about W4 billion: far above the production costs of most Korean films.

    Source: http://english.chosun.com/w21data/html/news/200401/200401280020.html
  • topnotch97topnotch97 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i think i've seen that Taekugi's trailer....yan ba yung parang Saving Private Ryan? ewan ko lang!
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