[MERGED] PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) Support group

i'm 21 and was diagnosed with PCOS last year (20 yrs old).

the OB GYNE gave me these options:

get pregnant ASAP
drink Minulet (birth-control pills) to regulariae my period -i've been doing this ever since
i took progesterone at first to start my bleeding.
get a hysterectomy (after i give birth or if i dont wanna have kids- as if!)

this is a pre-cancerous condition in my reproductive system.

my cousin had it in one of her overies at 13

i have it in both my ovaries.

the women in our family get cancer in their late 40's resulting in surgery and stuff.



  • mudramudra Member PExer
    i feel sad reading this thread, anyways i wish u all d best of luck! but if u would ask me sis, i'd rather to get pregnant asap before my ovaries fails. sayang naman din kasi ung once in a life time mong opportunity na magka baby ryt? but it's just only my own opinion though. btw, ano ba ung symptoms ng PCOS sis? can u explain further para rin sa aming mga girls. thanks! and i do hope na sana maging ok na ung ovaries mo...
  • aNgeLFire_bLueaNgeLFire_bLue elegantly wasted PExer
    buti na-diagnose agad. wow na-shock naman ako dito :( this can be treated right?

    how's your cousin doing now?

    i'll pray for you aina_crazy_girl :stolenkiss:
  • Chase_MeridianChase_Meridian POWER. PLEASURE. PAIN. PExer
    My god this really happens in real life...

    I think you have the same case as my boss'. She's alreay 50 when the cancer in her ovary got detected. And the thing is, she's still single and never had kids.

    Is it still safe to get pregnant when you already have cancer? Di ba makakaapekto sa baby, in case you need to undergo chemotherapy?

    Anyway, if you decide to get pregnant, how would that go? Are you going to look for a "father" or is it going to be a test tube thing?
  • Ms_StarirayMs_Stariray Member PExer
    Hi, this is my first time to reply. dati pabasa-basa lang ako. anyway, i also have PCO and bilateral sya (both ovaries). luckily, i already have a 4 year old son, but still hoping to have another child. one symptoms is irregular menstruation. before na detect na may PCO ako, 5 months akong di nag mens, 5 times din akong nag prenancy test pero (-). then nung magpa trans V ultrasound ako don nakita na may PCO pala ako. sabi ng ob ko di naman daw na kakacancer pero affected ang fertility ko.
  • eyedoceyedoc Member PExer
    Polycystic ovaries is NOT cancer. It is a condition in which, due to a hormonal problem, forms small cysts on the periphery of the ovary. These cysts do not need to be removed nor are they associated with an increased risk of cancer.

    The symptoms of PCOS:
    -Menstrual irregularities (either no menses or very heavy bleeding)
    -Impaired fertility, usually due to the woman's inability to ovulate regularly
    -Miscarriage rates are higher due to elevated LH level on egg development and uterine lining
    -Hair & Skin problems (increased hair growth and acne from elevated testosterone)
    -Obesity (about 50% of women with PCOS are obese) -Abnormal Insulin Action (PCOS patients have a greater long-term risk of developing diabetes mellitus)
    -Heart Disease (PCOS women may be at a long-term increased risk of heart disease due to the unfavorable lipid profile produced by elevated androgens)
    -Breast milk secretion (30-40% of PCOS patients have an elevated serum prolactin level).

    Have a long talk with your OBGYN to discuss what course of treatment is best for your case. I seriously doubt that he/she really wants you to undergo hysterectomy at your age and with the fact that you're still childless.
  • tearltearl Banned by Admin PExer
    I also had PCOS when I was 19 ata i was bleeding every other week tapos heavy talaga...my ob-gyn advised me to take birth control pills for three months kasi young pa daw ako yun lang ang way na bagay sa kin ang other 3 options di nya naman sinabi kung what para daw sa nabuntis na dati tapos yun lang regular na ulit ang cycle ko...no more symptoms pero di ko pa sure kung mahihirapan ako mag-ka-anak (wag naman sana no!)
  • IraIra Member PExer
    With PCOS, you will be have problems getting pregnant whether you take oral contraceptives or not. The continuous secretion of estrogen in PCOS does not make pregnancy viable. Contraceptive pill intake would actually protect you from the harm that prolonged, unopposed estrogen has on your body, so please listen to your ob-gyne. Fortunately, there are ways to get pregnant even with this condition. Just work hand-in-hand with your gynecologist, follow what she suggests, and don't be afraid to ask her questions so you'll understand your condition fully.
  • pollywogpollywog ...just because ✭✭✭
    My cousin was diagnosed as having PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), reproductive autoimmunological and alloimmune(sp?) defects, and APA syndrome. She was told that up to this day, there's still no remedy for this (baka daw next year pa). Is 'miracle' their only hope? Can you recommend any hospital that specializes in these conditions?


  • IraIra Member PExer
    Even if there is no cure for PCOS, its complications can be controlled or prevented by regular follow-ups and religious adherence to the prescribed treatment. These are not "miracles". Whoever diagnosed your cousin should be the one to refer her to the required specialist, because he/she is the one who knows the history, the extent of the problem, and what kind of specialist is needed. It doesn't matter what hospital the specialist is practicing in. In PCOS, rarely do you need high-tech equipments to diagnose or treat.
  • pollywogpollywog ...just because ✭✭✭
    I don't know what it is called but it involves her immune system. Sabi nya, her immune system sees the pregnancy as a disease. Once conception takes place, pinapatay agad ng immune system nya. If not for that condition, pwede daw sana silang mag In-Vitro Fertilization.

  • IraIra Member PExer
    She has anti-phospholipid antibodies.
  • smilefeversmilefever Member PExer
    Ok...I was diagnosed also for having bilateral polycystic ovaries...I consulted 2 OB Gyne doctors one in Polymedic and one in st. Lukes...actually, PCOS has many factors more on our endocrine problems...hormonal imbalance, etc... don't be alarmed by this since my OB who's also an Oncologist guaranteed me that this disease is not a pre-cancerous stage...some girls as early as 9 yrs. old has this syndrome....one way to guaranty to lessen or help it not to prosper is to find a good doctor who can actually explain the disease...meaning different women has different encounters of PCOS...no bleeding at long months, no bleeding at all for more than 6 months, etc... Mine my longest cycle with no mens is 40-44 days...

    at first, i thought it was a cancer...so my doctor told me not to worry because this is common syndrome of women even if you'r only on your puberty stage....

    Medication is to correct the ovulation by different methods...Mine is since i am married for 8 years with a 5 years old daughter...my OB told me to choose if i wanted to have a baby now or not...though she told me to go by now becuase sooner or later my PCOS might lead to infertility. Am currently taking contraceptive pills to correct my ovulation and tried taking progesterone pills Duphaston os that i can ovulate...that's it hanggang macorrect yun cycle ko...ok naman syempree hassle sakin yung birth control pills kse ayaw ko talagang umiinom nun yung Duphaston super mahal tapos 2x a day pa ang inom for 13 days and once a day for 5 days after the 13th day... sige...basta finda good doctor to explain to you this condition. Thanks. chiao!
  • pallas_athenapallas_athena Goddess of Wisdom PExer
    I have bilateral PCOS (polycystic ovaries) and just recently, my bestfriends in germany sha has PCOS, too.

    it's just sooo depressing.

    can we have a support group here in the philippines?

    i'd love to volunteer and have counselling for women like mmy bestfriend and me.
  • GilmoreGalGilmoreGal Member PExer
    how old are you?
    I too have PCOS and i'm 23 currently taking hormone medication
  • BabeBabe Member PExer
    There's a support group for endometriosis in the Philippines (some members who have endometriosis also have PCO).

    [email protected]
  • pallas_athenapallas_athena Goddess of Wisdom PExer
    hey thanks!

    btw, i'm turning 22 this month and my friend is only 20, my cousin had hers when she was 13. she's around my age now.
  • CamilleCamille Member ✭✭
    hey girls! me too i have pcos and i was diagnosed 4 yrs ago.... im taking diane35 lang... kayo?
  • xivxiv cutiepie PExer
    hi! i also have pcos and i am 26. I just knew it last year when me and my hubby decided to go to the doctor. by that time more than a year na kaming married and yet child less.
    My obgyne ask me to take clomid.

    it is really depressing!!!!
  • pallas_athenapallas_athena Goddess of Wisdom PExer
    Originally posted by Camille
    hey girls! me too i have pcos and i was diagnosed 4 yrs ago.... im taking diane35 lang... kayo?

    i'm taking it,too..

    but this is the 2nd month i've missed my period.

    i'm a bit worried na nga eh.
  • pallas_athenapallas_athena Goddess of Wisdom PExer
    Originally posted by xiv
    hi! i also have pcos and i am 26. I just knew it last year when me and my hubby decided to go to the doctor. by that time more than a year na kaming married and yet child less.
    My obgyne ask me to take clomid.

    it is really depressing!!!!

    clomid? what kind of medication is that?

    that's really sad. ako nga, biglang nagmamadaling magkaanak even if hindi pa ako ganun ka-ready.

    be strong, sister. kaya natin ito. i only hope that your husband took it well.

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