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Matagal na kasi di uminom ng beer, almost a year na then uminom na uli ako kaya may konting pantal sa likod ko. Sabi ng friend ko, pag meron siya, 2-3 days lang daw mawawala na and ihi ng ihi lang. Totoo ba yun? Thanks


  • Are you sure you don't have an allergy to alcohol or any beer content? This sounds like such.
  • kasi nung every week na ako uminom, wala na siya. Kung allergy nga siya, anong gamot ba dun?
  • If you didn't have an allergic reaction to alcohol before, it doesn't mean that you will never develop it later.

    Of course, avoidance is still the best way to prevent it. But if it has already occurred, you can try an antiallergy. Zyrtec once daily is a good choice.
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