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Manila Bulletin

THE PHILIPPINE Basketball Association is set to severe its partnership with NBN-4 even as it took the first steps to go after Manilabank in a bid to collect unpaid obligations the government-controlled television station has accrued with the pro league.

NBN-4 hooked up with IBC-13 to win the television rights for the league games worth R600 million over three years but had a rough first season as TV coveror, piling up debts in unpaid franchise fees expected to reach R134M by the end of the year.

The unpaid franchise fees and IBC-13’s decision to disengage from what was originally a parallel coverage of the games are expected to be the grounds the league board will cite when it hands down the decision to rescind its contract with NBN-4, sources said.

NBN general manager Joey Isabelo said the station has yet to receive word from the league on any decision on the matter, but hinted that he is bracing for the worst.

Isabelo admitted getting a letter last month from the league giving the station until the end of the month to rectify the unfulfilled provisions of the contract, specifically the payment of the franchise fee and the parallel coverage with IBC-13.

“Nasa (PBA board) na iyon,” said Isabelo. “Basta kami, tinaguyod namin and production hanggang sa huli, in fact gumawa pa nga kami ng special for the awards night.

“Ginawa namin ang lahat at nasa kanila na ang decision.”

Sources, however, said the league board has already made the decision to terminate the NBN contract and is in fact in the process of considering other options on the television coverage of the games, including new tie-ups with other stations.

A co-production with NBN is also being considered, sources said.

Still, Isabelo said the government-controlled station is ready to continue coverage of the games.

“Preparado pa rin kami,” he said.

Asked what steps NBN would take if and when the league rescinds the contract, Isabelo said: “Of course, we have to protect the interests of the station.”

The league, meanwhile, is moving to protect its own interest, turning to Manilabank to collect NBN’s obligations on the strength of the Letter of Credit the bank issued to the league backing up the television contract.

However, sources expect the move to trigger a long legal battle since Manilabank has, as early as March, declared the LC inoperative owing to NBN and financial partner Summit Sports’ failure to comply with the terms of its contract with the bank.

The league is reportedly anchoring its bid on a law that says an LC, once given, can never be taken back without the mutual consent of the parties involved.

The league, sources said, is also set to go after IBC-13 for dropping out of the coverage in November.

dapat lang! i think the NBN broadcast sucks! hardly anyone watches that channel, except for the weekly lotto draw. :grrr:

the PBA should switch to Studio 23. :bop:

Studio 23 is owned by ABS-CBN, the top broadcast company in the country. thus it has the strongest marketing potential and has successfully increased the popularity of the UAAP and NCAA.

people would rather watch an ATENEO-La SALLE game than an SMB-Ginebra tussle.

no offense to SMB and Barangay Ginebra but those two collegiate squads can fill the big dome up to the rafters, and made MIKE CORTEZ and ENRICO VILLANUEVA immensely popular even before landing professional contracts.


  • color_s_Kaboinkcolor_s_Kaboink panda is going to eat you PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    they should go to studio 23 BUT then... they pang marketing lang i-handle ng abs cbn and not the entire stuff :)

    i heard sila nalang sa pba mag cocover ng game parang nba tv :)
  • mintymalonemintymalone The dynamite PExer
    personally i feel that the the coverage is not the only one to blame for the lack of interest in the PBA
    kahit na nasa Channel 2 pa iyan kung walang excitement yung mga laro wala pa ring manunuod
  • scqgscqg one big fight! PExer
    studio23 is the answer to the problem. uaap became a lot more popular with studio23..and even ncaa, a not so popular league, is now a recognized league by many.
  • Grr_tigerGrr_tiger dA_migHtY_TiGEr PExer
    looks like the PBA-NBN partnership would soon be over..
    Foregone conclusion? NBN-IBC consortium ready to lose PBA coverage

    What was supposed to be a three-year relationship is headed for a quick ending. It could even be a foregone conclusion.

    National Broadcasting Network chairperson Mia Concio yesterday admitted "there is a very big possibility" the PBA's television coverors would be unable to meet the end-of-the month deadline set by the league for them to pay up.

    Both NBN-4 and IBC-13 owe the PBA P194 million and Concio said they are finding it hard to raise the amount despite the month-long notice they got from the PBA.

    The amount includes the P60 million the NBN-IBC consortium accumulated in penalties imposed by the league after IBC stopped airing the games last October.

    The PBA had sent the stations a notice late last month giving them up to Dec. 31 to settle their debts. Otherwise, the league said the contract would be terminated.

    "They (PBA) said that if we don't rectify the lapses or breaches on our end, the contract would be annulled," Concio confirmed in a phone interview.

    "Siguro kaya naming i-meet iyung P134 million. Pero iyung sa simulcast, that's beyond our control. So, yes, we think there's a very big possibility we won't be able to settle all our obligations with the PBA."

    The government-owned television stations earned the right to broadcast PBA games starting this year and up to 2005 after offering a P670 million package and the promise of a simulcast coverage.

    Sponsors shying off due to controversies that rocked the league and the failure of the consortium's marketing and financial arm to fulfill its obligations caused NBN and IBC to pile up huge airtime and production debts.

    A source within the league said the PBA would still go after the stations once the contract is formally rescinded.

    Also, the source added, the PBA is already coming up with its own options on how to go about the television coverage of the games.

    "One option is for the PBA to telecast the games on its own, another is to co-produce it and a third option is to contract another network," he said.

    The first option seems to be the one the PBA is inclined to pursue, based on what commissioner Noli Eala had said when NBN and IBC started piling up debts.

    "For so long, the PBA has been trying to control its destiny and this unexpected turn of events now gives us an opportunity to attain that goal," Eala said.

    "We will respect whatever decision they would arrive at," Concio said.

    i think PBA should move to a tv station where the common people usually watch. like ABS-CBN, GMA, Solar or Studio 23.
    personally i feel that the the coverage is not the only one to blame for the lack of interest in the PBA
    kahit na nasa Channel 2 pa iyan kung walang excitement yung mga laro wala pa ring manunuod.

    the games are still exciting. they'll just have to remind them that the PBA still exists. people in the provinces still love the PBA, even when the MBA was still around. it won't be a problem if they shift to a UHF channel like Solar or Studio 23 since most of the probinsyanos have cable tv.

    the PBA would also benefit from the popularity of the UAAP and NCAA because most of its superstars jump to the pro league right after college.

    notice how dull the UAAP was when it was still on PTV 4? only students would watch a La Salle-Ateneo game!

    problema din kasi ng NBN malabo yung reception nila. masyadong makulay!
  • neth_rowneth_row Moderator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    PBA certain to have new TV broadcaster next year
    By Dodo Catacutan Jr.

    ABC 5 and ABS-CBN-owned Studio 23 have expressed interest in acquiring the television rights of Philippine Basketball Association games, giving the pro league two fresh options with the imminent termination of its broadcast ties with NBN-4.

    Sources said league officials are already deep in negotiations with the two stations as it explores all options after the first of what was supposed to be a three-year partnership with NBN left a trail of unfulfilled contract provisions and unpaid obligations.

    “Malalim na (ang usapan with the two stations),” said a source, adding talks have been going on for the past month.

    Bobby Barrero, a former GMA-7 executive and now a consultant of new ABC-5 owner Tony Boy Cojuangco, is reportedly at the forefront of ABC-5’s takeover bid.

    Barrero also played a key role when GMA-7 made a bid for the PBA broadcast rights a few years back.

    ABS-CBN had also previously attempted to acquire the PBA franchise in the late nineties and put up the short-lived Metropolitan Basketball Association when it was spurned by team owners.

    Although the MBA folded up two years ago, Channel 23, the broadcast giant’s sister station, has become home to top collegiate leagues UAAP and NCAA as well as the semi-pro Philippine Basketball League.

    A big thorn in the negotiations, however, is the team owners’ misgivings over the limited reach of Studio 23, a VHF channel.

    Commissioner Noli Eala would neither confirm or deny the talks with the two television stations, saying the league is open to all options at the moment. But he added a new carrying station, if ever, would fit into the league’s plans next season.

    “I think the PBA is more inclined to look for new partners that will give the league a new look, especially with all the changes coming in starting next season,” Eala said.

    The league has already sent a notice of termination to NBN-4, which has debts that will reach R134 million at the end of the year – a sum the league is trying to collect from Manilabank on the strength of a Letter of Credit it issued to cover the TV contract.

    Termination of the contract is moot and academic, sources said, since NBN is in no position to cover the debts or comply with two other league demands – the issuance of a new LC for 2004 and the resumption of the parallel broadcast of the games with IBC-13.

    NBN-4, however, is not out of the running yet, having issued a new proposal for a co-production venture with the league.

    Even IBC-13, which dropped out of the parallel broadcast of the games last month, is also bidding to lure the league back to its fold, sources said.

    Another option for the league is an in-house production for the coverage of the games – something team owners considered, but eventually junked, early in the year.

    “Matagal na ring iniisip ang in-house production,” said Eala. “And recent developments have compelled us to rush those plans.”

    But a number of ball clubs, especially the smaller teams, are reportedly cold to the idea since an in-house venture cannot guarantee an equity which these teams use to cover part of the high cost of maintaining pro teams in the league.
  • queenannequeenanne Member PExer
    thats a good idea
  • neth_rowneth_row Moderator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Gustong magparami ng posts nito ^

    Can you please expound on why it is a good idea?

  • nastransnastrans pinoybasebol.wordpress.co m PExer
    Mukhang OK tong development sa TV coverage. Kung makuha yan ng Studio 23, maganda ang pagmamarket dyan, kaya lang nga limited kasi yang channel na yan. Kung makuha to ng ABC 5 or even IBC, baka kumuha sila ng mga ibang media outlet like Solar Sports.

    I feel bad sa NBN dahil sa umpisa talaga nagkaproblema na sila sa Letter of Credit at pati na rin sa IBC nakaproblema. Tsaka ung coverage nila hindi maganda ang production.
  • neth_rowneth_row Moderator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    What about another consortium for ABC5 and Studio 23 to air the games? That way, they'll have the marketing muscle of ABS, and the wide reach of ABC5.
  • queenannequeenanne Member PExer
    yup, PBA has been with these government channels for a long time already and it will really be a change if it goes to Studio 23 but Studio 23 has proven itself to be a channel that shows good programming, it may promote PBA even further :D

    and as for a certain someone, who can do nothing better than to annoy other pexers... it's better to ignore such people hmmmp :p
  • neth_rowneth_row Moderator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    S-P-A-M-M-E-R ^^

  • AnthonyServinioAnthonyServinio Member In Focus PEx Legend ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    A friendly warning:

    Just look at your recent basketball history to see what Studio 23 and ABS-CBN did to the Metropolitan Basketball Association (MBA).
  • neth_rowneth_row Moderator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    One word: overkill :)

    I don't think it will be the case if they do acquire the rights to air the PBA. The PBA is already an established league, with a separate Board of Directors who actually run the show, unlike the MBA where they have ABS-CBN thinking up of ridiculous ideas just to spice up the league (3-point free throw, blitz points, and whatever-the-hell crap they could think of).

    It would be more comparable to the UAAP and NCAA coverage of Studio 23. UAAP is the better product, that's why it's more popular. Conversely, the PBA is the better product, that's why it will be more successful to package for Studio 23 than with the MBA.
  • scqgscqg one big fight! PExer
    pba is an established league and mba was not.
  • grimlockgrimlock girl magnet PExer
    still, it would leave a bad taste in the mouth if PBA will be shown in Studio 23 because of recent history with the MBA.

    the problem with ABC 5 is if it can reach the whole country in terms of coverage (unti lang nanoonood sa 5 eh).

    i still feel PBA will be good shown on IBC 13 since it has wider reach (hence the clamor to resume parallel broadcast on 13 months ago and the recent greater audience for the radio panel).

    yet, Studio 23 is still the surest deal in terms of marketing but ABC 5 could be the new home for PBA.

  • dayspindayspin epal is my name PExer
    mahirap maki-pag business sa abs cbn.

    just ask pba officials and mba na rin
  • MoonStruckMoonStruck Sintunadong Rakista PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i dun think its a good idea.

    one, "no offense meant" but abs-cbn is money crazy for that matter. remember what happened to poor metropolitan basketball association? when the group could no longer pay coverage expenses, the station dumped them out because they can not milk money from it anymore.

    was it a management fault? maybe. but we can not leave the fact of a money-milking station which often changes its programming just to fit with other stations (especially gma) because it can take even a defeat in even a single program's ratings.

    two, basketball is more for the masses, not for the rich kids who cannot play so well they decided to simply watch studio 23 instead. studio 23 is not accessible to the majority of viewers.

    three, nbn and ibc are both good stations for games that does not follow a regular timeslot. atleast those stations can make up their time incase of overtimes or undertimes. their programming isnt affected so much as compared to just in case studio 23.
  • queenannequeenanne Member PExer
    we know that abs is really profit motivated but sometimes that helps in better programming :)
  • Eugene HikaruEugene Hikaru THE GAME! PExer
    Originally posted by queenanne
    we know that abs is really profit motivated but sometimes that helps in better programming :)

    Better audience share maybe, but better programming?...

  • spongklongspongklong chuBBy PExer
    i just hope the pba would also consider their provincial audiences.. not all provinces have studio 23 on their tv sets..


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