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Pagtuunan natin ng pansin: Pilosopiyang Pilipino

Mayroon nga bang malinaw na Pilosopiya na lumilinang sa kung ano ang isang tunay na Pilipino?

Anong mga Pilosopiyang Pinoy ang dapat nang ibaon sa limot dahil sa 'di makatarungan ito o 'di kaya'y naluluma na ng panahon?

Anong mga Pilosopiya ang iilan lamang ang nakababatid?

Magbigay nga kayo ng mga Pilosopiyang Pilipino na sa palagay ninyo ay pinakagamitin pa rin sa lahat? o patuloy pa ring sinusunod ng karamihan?

Maari ring magbigay ng kakatuwa at sariling atin na mga Pilosopiyang Pinoy.



  • malamang, ang pilosopong pilipino, ay based sa utang na loob. it seems this is the basis of our culture...
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    Can anybody post here some original Pinoy Philosophical views? Para bagang yung mga sabi-sabi ng mga matatanda at mga manong.

    Puwede bang example ito?

    "Ang pumatol sa bobo ay mas bobo"

    Does it make sense?

    Eto galing kay Brother Eli:

    "Kita niyo ang mga Katoliko, pati kalapati sinasamba. Eh kung ikaw ba eh sasambahin mo ang kalapati? Kung ganun, eh napakabobomonaman."
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    This is a very good site that explores Filipino philosophy:

    The Filipino Mind.
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    kindly refer to the books written by Fr. Leonardo Mercado, SVD PhD; such as: The Elements of Filipino Philosophy, Filipino Thought, Filipino Mind, Applied Filipino Philosophy.
    you may also refer to the books written by Florentino Timbreza, PhD and Emerita Quito, PhD

    professionally, philosophy in the Philippines is enhanced at the academe through alliances between schools and professional philosophic associations or research groups. yet when we talk about Filipino Philosophy, we are referring to a different issue; and that is something to be found at the grassroot level, under the guise of anthropology, sociology and psychology.
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    ang tatalino naman ninyo. ako, i agree dun sa utang na loob di ba nga halos lahat ng gawaing pinoy ay nakaagapay diyan. sa pulitika (na angkop rin naman sa iba't ibang institusyong panlipunan) sa edukasyon, at maging sa pamilyang pinoy.

    mooch Bakit po? may kamalian po ba? :D
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    Sabi dun...

    "In an earlier work, we have shown that the Filipino does not have a Western mind.1 Instead of being deductive, he thinks inductively and intuitively. These two features are what I call "psychological." Although we know that inductive thinking is also logical, the word logical has come to be almost equated with discursive and deductive thinking."

    Ano sa palagay niyo?
  • for all students from ust, la salle, ateneo, up, miriam, and beda. lets continue the philosophy congress and pagtibayin natin ang pilosopiyang Filipino. chow!
  • wag lang po sana ulit mag-"human bingo," as requested by a colleague of mine.
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    Originally posted by philo_debater
    for all students from ust, la salle, ateneo, up, miriam, and beda. lets continue the philosophy congress and pagtibayin natin ang pilosopiyang Filipino. chow!
    It's just a waste though on my part because I'm not a philosophy major (a frustrated one actually) to fully understand philosophy nonetheless I still hail from UST, a deputized center of excellence in the field. :)
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    for all students from ust, la salle, ateneo, up, miriam, and beda. lets continue the philosophy congress and pagtibayin natin ang pilosopiyang Filipino. chow!

    am sorry but, it did not went as how it was originally planned. twasnt the same as last year's.
    i just hope that the congress shall dwell more on the concurrent reading of papers and the rest of their time in the joint sessions. i have to say that playing those games wasnt really a good idea (you wasted a great deal of time), please save them for a particular event, yung for fellowship-soiree lang. and i implore, improve your research; and dont make an academic battle-ground out of your fora. philosophers are meant to be sober.
    just a sharp critique; a word from someone "older" (riiigghhht). for my sharp tongue, i beg your indulgence.
    thank you.
  • This I learned from high school: The Filipino mind is governed by three things: Utang na Loob, Hiya, and Bahala Na.

    There are positive and negative aspects to these three things that all of us would do well to cultivate:

    Utang na Loob is gratitude; one good turn deserving another. Tempered with a solid concept of right and wrong, gratitude is a good thing and tends to forge a feeling of community. One must learn to draw the line. Returning a favor to someone even if the said favor is harmful or illegal is bad judgement and an inability to see the big picture.

    Hiya is a very Asian trait akin to face-saving. At its best it denotes honor--doing the honorable thing all the time so as not to sully one's name or reputation. At its worst, it is unproductive timidity.

    Bahala Na is the virtue of fortitude. The Pinoy recognizes that he doesnt have all the answers, and that nothing is assured, and yet he chooses to forge ahead. On the negative side, this is fatalism; the idea that our destiny is out of our hands.
  • My take on the Filipino Culture…

    Philosophy reiterates what is already there. It systematizes unorganized thoughts, in a way we can all understand. Having said this, there is a Filipino culture, but yet we tend not to understand it, due to strong external influences, that seemed to force our culture to be in a transition, and thus, in the state of confusion. The ideas of ‘Filipinohood’ are being assimilated in its place ‘pseudo-western’ values emerge.

    The biggest challenges that we encounter is the question of modernity. Our view of modernity is such that we view it as progression, but not through the incorporation of past successes and achievements but by the destruction of our heritage, and of our old ways. Traditional philosophies like Eastern thoughts are based on mysticism; and it seemed the traditional view is needed to be sacrificed for modernity to mature. The elder generation are most likely the one that holds this obsolete view. They are also the guardians of our future. They are torn between placing themselves in extinction and delaying the rate of progress. This adversarial position that the elders hold within themselves, and with the younger generation creates disunity and wasted energy, which is used for jockeying position instead of planning for true progress. One of the extinctive qualities we have is survival.

    Another challenge that we need to solve is our inability to comprehend the nature of Filipinos. This task is reserved for our artists to make a clear cut representation of our experiences through artistic mediums. The arts usually fortify the experiences by creating myths and legends, and highlighting the traits that are associated with being a Filipino. However, mass art seemed more concern with imitating western art, to give the audience a cheap thrill of western pop culture, without incorporating Filipino values but using Filipino budget in copying. Elite art is non-existence. And if it does, it too tries to imitate western schools, but trying to answer the questions intended for western culture with a Filipino twist. Our artists need to ask the questions based on national experiences and not answering the question foreigners had asked. Without the nourishment of our culture our elders are alienated in the new order, while the younger ones are confused with who they are. Our arts instead of being the catalyst in the promotion of unity, is the key instrument in the disunity of our society.

    We are left in the stage of transition, a dark transition with no real destination. We are left wanting lots of stuff our cultures can’t comprehend. Progress in this country means purchasing a brand new Ford Expedition, rather than learning the mechanics of car engineering.
  • filipino philosophy's "primordial soup" is still on the stove, wait 'till it's served hot. :D there is a filipino philosophy, one thing left is its clear-cut stipulation. at that point, i think we're being in hurry because researches regarding this topic is very scarce; some of them are only deemed anthropological. this is a challenge to the philosophers of the academe and to the pilosopo tasyo of the barrio.
    research is the primary key; but with the way it is being done nowadays, i think it will take a long time to boil the soup. and wait, i don't think the filipinos understood "modernity" because we've never been through it.
  • anawin, we understand a different modernity, due to our refusal to understand our own experiences, rather, we are contented in importing experiences, or fully assembled Vehicles.
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    i see a controversy behind the term "modernity".
    y'see i find this term so "Western" because it is formally proclaimed as an occidental philosophic period (which ranged from descartes to german idealism and early-existentialism). know what, i find the term "contemporary" more apt in the pinoy context, because "modern" had long been a passe at the West while we think that "modern" is a term attributed to whatever which occurs in the present.

    another problem is the failure to see philosophy beneath the Filipino skin. y'see Filipino philosophers (particularly those at the academe) are trained to understand the WEstern mind, that's why we try to delineate everything that is deemed philosophical to occidental theories. harsh but true, but Eastern studies are always taken by the Filipinos on the historico-cultural level. nevertheless we cannot blame the academe because formal philosophic studies in the philippines began with the Thomists (Dominicans).

    anthropology, phenomenology (as method), and linguistics are the keys to understand the Filipino mind. and perhaps another thing would be the fact that filipinos love to talk more than to write. again, research is the key. (we've been discussing sensible things so far, but wouldnt it be more academic to put our thoughts in paper?) :D
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