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to all the doctors in the house.. just want to ask the following questions.

1. is it true that after having a ligation..u will be too horny or too dry?

2. Is there a possibility that after ligation..a woman will get pregnant again?? coz there are lots of stories that after ligation they became pregnant.

3. how long or big will be the scars and where is it located??


  • 1. Dryness is associated with hysterectomy with oophorectomy procedures (removal of the uterus & ovaries) because you are actually initiating "surgical menopause". This is because the female hormones, estrogen & progesterone are no longer produced/

    Too horny? Physically, ligation shouldn't affect the woman's libido. Psychologically, however, with virtually no risk of pregnancy, some women are more willing and eager for sex.

    2. In the first year following the procedure, the chance of becoming pregnant is less than 1 percent. Over time, it's possible that the ends of the fallopian tubes could fuse back together and make it possible to become pregnant. Failure rates as high as 5 percent after 10 years have been reported in women who had the surgery performed earlier in their reproductive years. Such failure rates are lower in women who are older when they have the procedure done.

    3. A small incision is made below the navel through which your doctor raises a portion of each fallopian tube. One of several surgical techniques such as cutting the tube and then sealing off both ends is then used to interrupt the pathway through each of the fallopian tubes so that eggs and ***** will no longer be able to pass through the tubes. However, if you opt to have tubal ligation right after a ceasarian section, the operation would be done through the ceasarian incision.
  • Ligation Bad, bad, bad.
    All our body parts have functions somehow somewhere.
    There are possible fatal and non-fatal side effects you will regret.

    Like my sister who almost died because a month after her ligation, she suddenly started bleeding profusely she wound up with a hysterectomy. Emergency operation.

    A few hours later and she would have been dead.
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    It isn't the ligation that caused her to bleed. It's the hysterectomy. There's a big, big difference there.
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