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Kylie Minogue- Electro-pop Chick!



  • they do complement at their looks...THATS THE POWER OF MAKEUP!...hmmm le me think...Kylie doesn't always go to the weird makeup stuffs well maybe before w/ that BIG hair hehehe!(I suddenly remembered Locomotion) Kylie usually goes to the trendy ones although she spice up during her concerts....maybe the right question would fit them is who can make the livestream dance floor BURN...Iv'e seen maddie concerts on DVDs and she just put me into GROOVE specially when she sang Don't Tell Me haha I love the coreography and with all do respect to Kylie she doesn't spice up her songs much but when it comes to awards performance well it's something that everbody look forward at.
  • "You will like KYLIE's sense of style! She can complement you well, especially in red, extremely in green, maybe in blue, yellow...?! You will like her sense of style!" (from GBI w/ Towa Tei, 1998-- I think)
  • I already LOOOVE her sence of style honey infact I admire her....
  • Ei Guys, Kylie Minogue's Body Language enter the Billboard charts, finally.... she is now in 42nd place... I hope her album goes up....
  • woooohoooo u know what BL isn't bad at all atleast even it's experimental it still moves me out of my seats....FEVER's like that also first it entered at 50 the it goes to 10 WTG Kylie!
  • hey kylie lovas kylie's BL concert will be shown at RPN 9 tomorrow Sat. 9:00pm so watch it!
  • I'll watch for it! Way to go, Kylie!!!
  • woohoo hehehe!
  • I just watched it! Ang fave kong performance yung On a Night Like This, with all those cute umbrella props... reklamo ko lang, Kylie really doesn't know how to dance!
  • me too cyber galing noh may pahiga higa pa...saka kung manonotice mo yung performance nya napakagraceful! hahaha pero I like it and one more things ang galing galing nya talagang magtiming sa choreography, I like the red blooded woman performance too and obssession(kakatuwa ang mga dancers)
  • ground_breakground_break PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I can't get it out of my head..
    The new song ..red-bloodded women
  • Welcome here, ground_break! I have to agree with both of you, magaling ang RBW... and Obsession! Ang galing! OANLT, though, is for me, the highlight of the concert. :)

    donnie, I think din na Kylie is graceful (especially with those stilettos on), but sana she could dance (!!!) Puro hand movements lang kasi kadalasan, di nya sina2bayan back-up dancers nya. :)
  • iba kc pag concert eh pero pag performance na sa mga award shows everyones raving and anticipates on that so when u heard kylie expect fellow artists would just say "God I love Kylie"...Welcome ground_break ganda ng video noh I love the outfits too(who doesn't hehehe)...Ahhh if u noticed too she wore the RBW outfits at the concert noh.
  • [IMG][/IMG]
  • eeek... it's not working donnie...

    try mo uli.
  • I also saw a Kylie Confidential book in the National in Greenbelt 1 (one copyl left). It's in the Music & Entertainment bottom shelf, behind the Britney and Christina pocketbooks.
  • I hate it cyber, how do you put the link of the pic after u click on IMG?
  • Nangyari din yan sa akin (see above)... yun pala, kelangan .jpg file sya, not .htm when you type the address in the image blank.

    Try it again. :)
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