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Kylie Minogue- Electro-pop Chick!



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    Kylie Minogue displays her trophy during the 46th Annual Annual Grammy Awards. Minogue won for Best Dance Recording.
  • Way to go, KYLES!!! You really are so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky!!! :) I bet you're now spinning around with joy, can't get that Grammy award out of your head. We can read your body language, it ain't no secret, you're going to take that trophy home. :) You're slow if you don't get what I'm pushing at! :) (wink!)
  • Ang sexy talaga ni Kylie...TY for the pics!
  • Kylie- pretty, sexy, Aussie!!! :)
  • I just saw the video (again!) of Spinning Around... she's one HOT mama!! :)
  • I just bought a Kylie biography from National Bookstore, Glorietta 1... it's slightly bigger than pocket book size, colored bright pink (so you can't miss it!) The title is Confidential Kylie. However, it's kinda expensive, P349. There's only 1 copy left! Hurry, get it!!
  • Ohhhh I'll buy it! buddylove sinusundan mo ba ako? hehehe TY again for the PICS(know what I'm sayin)....
  • You should!!! :)
  • Cyempre solid Kylie FAN ako!
  • One comment about the Kylie book... it keeps comparing her with Madonna. Ang dating tuloy is the author wants to show that Kylie is outshining, or at least attempting to outdo, Madonna. I'm a Maddie fan too, and I still love her more than any other artist, but this is a Kylie book, so why does it have to mention Maddie so many times?!
  • ganon! naku di nako bibili sayang lang ang PERA ko hehehe joke lang...cge I'll go to POWERBOOKS first titignan ko kung talagang worthit....saka kaya mo pala binili!
  • Nope, I had no idea it was like that. I mean, I'm a Maddie fan first and foremost, but then, if I wanted to read stuff on Madonna, then I'll refer to my Madonna bios... this is my first and only Kylie bio (so far), so I had high expectations. In fairness, it's great. There's a complete timetable of Kylie's rise to fame (until 2002, the Fever era) and the songs/albums/b-sides she's released, and her movie projects. Yun nga lang, I got the impression that the writer was trying to show that Kylie either outshone or outsold Madonna, a hint of insecurity, perhaps?! I just don't get it. I like them both, but in different ways.
  • And I couldn't read it before I bought it... it's sealed shut with a plastic cover. :)

    I don't know if it's available in Powerbooks... I bought mine at Glorietta national, there's only 1 copy left.
  • diba kylie's paying this writer(or viceversa) so why the hell is he comparing the 2, for me they have the different set of trends when it comes to their music even though they both do dance music cause maddie somtimes put her writing abilities in act(to include her persnal experiences) while kylie write her songs for the sake of "THE DANCEFLOOR" hehehe!
  • What's your fave Kylie look?! By a strange coincidence, I like her blond geisha look the best, from her video German Bold Italic with Towa Tei. 1032647177_Cjamesstuffresultsgbi.jpg

    It's very similar to my fave Madonna look, which is also the geisha, although I like Maddie's later reincarnation, with the black straight hair, better than the earlier blond version. geikoother.htm

  • Eeek... the Madonna geisha pictures didn't appear... I'll try again. Kung ayaw talaga, just check it out:

  • I'll try to post the Maddie pix again... here goes... japanesetakara.jpg
  • Grabe, I never realized how similar Maddie and Kylie are... though I'll always respect and like them as separate and brilliant artists in their own right.
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