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Kylie Minogue- Electro-pop Chick!



  • Gawa ka na lang, hehe. :)
  • donnie244000donnie244000 scarletstar PExer
    Haaaaaaaaaaay! damn midterms finally it's freafin finished! taas ko lang ha ngayon naman hwag nang paabutin ito sa page 4 ha!
    Kylie gang visit kayo sa sa mssge board mayroon akong mssges doon pero kailangan magregister kayo...anyhow have you guys watched Kylie's latest video Red Blooded Woman(sana Obssession na lang)? well I haven't pero sa site nya may pics ng video parang maganda she's dancing infront of a Firefighter's truck!
  • m0t0_maj1m0t0_maj1 social handicap PExer
    I first liked Kylie during the Did it Again video, & eversince I borrowed my friend's Impossible Princess CD, like ko na siya.

    Disco Diva rocks!
  • donnie244000donnie244000 scarletstar PExer
    moto pareho tayo hihihi!....
  • TriglycerideTriglyceride keep cool my babies! PExer
    Is she still dating Olivier Martinez? one of my favorite actors.
  • donnie244000donnie244000 scarletstar PExer
  • I'm not sure if she's still with Oliver... is it true Kylie already has kids? How many? Who's the dad/s?
  • donnie244000donnie244000 scarletstar PExer
    Honey NO she never had as in well kung may tinatago cya but the BODY! sez it all!....actually hindi ko nga alam kung cno ang dinedate nya ngayun eh basta sa music lang ako interested hihihi!
  • CyberShivaCyberShiva seraphic deity PExer
    Yes, she is still dating Olivier Martinez (dba cya ung sa "The Unfaithful" ni Diane Lane) & she is releasing a new video "red blooded woman"... Nakita ko na ung preview... Nakakaloka mas-provocative pa kaysa sa "Slow" vid
  • For me, ang pinaka eye-popping and blood-heating CD nya yung Light Years. Grabe yung pix nya dun sa album sleeve, not to mention the video ng On a Night Like This!

    Naging crush ko sya (aside from Madonna, Victoria Beckham and Sophie Ellis Bextor), my bf was shocked!

    Di nya masyado type si Kylie kasi ang payat daw, which struck me as odd because I'm skinny.
  • donnie244000donnie244000 scarletstar PExer
    cbabe masgusto ko naman yung mejo skinny looking para model looking diba!...Ohhh c Olivier pala yun diba cya din c Aragorn sa LOTR?
  • No, Aragorn is Viggo Mortensen, not Oliver Martinez. Baka nahalo mo rin sya kay Orlando Bloom (Legolas).

    My bf likes Madonna more kasi "malaman" (whatever. guys are strange creatures). I like Madonna for her music.
  • CyberShivaCyberShiva seraphic deity PExer
    Nag-guest pla cya sa Jimmy Kimmel Show... Na-nominate pla cya sa Grammy dis year!?! Best Dance Song in "Come into my World" w/ Madonna, Telepopmusik, Groove Armada, & Cher.... I hope she will win pro cyempre like k rin c Madonna & Telepopmusik manalo... I have a pic of kylie & I wanted to post it but I think the photo storage has a problem nowadays... Ang ganda p naman ni Kylie sa pic...
  • I watched her Speak Easy stint on Channel V (again!) last night, I liked the way she described her creative process in making music, "It comes in spurts." :) Hehe.
  • donnie244000donnie244000 scarletstar PExer
    Sana manalo cya(crossing my fingers)...I'm kinda dissapointed hindi man lang pumasok sa top 50 albums chart ang BL, hindi cguro type ng mga tagaUS ang experemental album nya sana gawa cya ulit ng FEVER feel album...
  • True, as I said earlier in this thread, I find BL a tad too experimental for the mainstream taste, which is my type of music, anyhow.
  • donnie244000donnie244000 scarletstar PExer
    just saw the video of red blooded women and woooooowy I loooove the outfits...cshiva may bago nanaman tayong gagayahin!
  • CyberShivaCyberShiva seraphic deity PExer
    Congrats kay Kylie Minogue!!!!!!! Nanalo ng Best Dance Recording sa Grammys!!!!!!!
  • donnie244000donnie244000 scarletstar PExer
    woooooohoooo GO KYLIE GO!
  • Congrats Kylie! You really are an Electro-Pop, Grammy-winning Chick! :)

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