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Medicine for cold sores

Hi! What medicines for cold sores are available here in the Phils? And can you please give the price. I'm having this recurrent blisters around my lips and this time i want it treated. Thanks!


  • Try chapstick. These are available at supermarkets/groceries. You could also try Burt's Beeswax, this is available at Beauty Bar for Php150.00
  • Have yourself examined by a doctor. If it is indeed "cold sores", or herpes labialis, you will need an antiviral cream like Zovirax. This is pretty expensive though (sorry, don't really remember the exact price) and doesn't prevent future recurrences. Still, it will make the present problem resolve faster.
  • Bea19Bea19 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    AKo rin lagi akong may kip sores pag cold weather...hindi ba dahil pwd rin akong allergic sa lip balm?
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Chapstick or Burt's Beeswax will not help at all for cold sores. Don't waste your money on these.

    Your lip sores during cold weather may be due to excessively dry skin/lips. You can try applying a moisturizer around the skin and a lip balm like Neutrogena lip balm or Chapstick daily first to see if it'll work.
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