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A Thread for Ira

I hope this thread won't be closed.

To start with, who is Ira?

She is the moderator of the Food and Drinks Forum and one of the moderators of What's Up, Doc? Forum of Pinoy Exchange.

You may find her posts very serious and informative, but once you get to know her personally, she's a very friendly and happy person.

To my fellow PExers who would like to know more about Ira, post your questions here!

Well, I hope Ira would answer those questions.


  • Ira has always made her strong desire not to get involved in "Getting to know.." threads in Personals very clear to us mods and admins. In fact, a couple of threads have already been closed because of this. Let's respect her wishes to keep her personal side private.

    P.S. Ira would hate to be known as friendly and happy. She'd rather be a b**ch. :p
This discussion has been closed.