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excessive vomiting during pregnancy

hi doc ira! i'm on my 10th week of pregnancy and i started feeling the so-called "morning sickness" 2 weeks ago. I'm a bit worried because i have been vomiting quite a lot not only in the morning but all day. It's worst during the night right after i take folic acid which i'm concerned coz it might not be absorbed at all by my body. Is there any safe anti-emetic for pregnancy? how often is the considered normal vomiting during pregnancy? i usually vomit anything i ingested in matter of 10 minutes.


  • sister di ka nag iisa......ganyan din ako hangang 16th weeks mo pa yan maramdaman...at sa sobra kong suka...na-confine na ako ..kasi lahat ng kainin ko sinusuka ka...i think para mas maganda sa umaga mo kainin ang vitamins mo.

    yong na confine ako..di ako nag suka ...tapos nilubos ko yong kain..pag uwi na pag uwi ko..suka na naman ako ulit...pero unti unti na ako gumagalin
  • This page is very helpful... :)


    Almost all your questions are answered here. :)
  • thanks for the reply! I have been admitted na last monday and was discharged wednesday morning. I've had intravenous fluids and anti-emetic which i'm not very keen on taking kasi not proven safe pa rin for pregnancy. Medyo nagsusuka pa rin ako ngayon pag uwi pero di na ganon kadalas and i'm managing to keep something down unlike before so sana tuloy-tuloy na rin paggaling ko.
  • You're welcome. Glad you're better. :)
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