Kelan Meron ng Heartbeat ang fetus??

hi Doc, just wanna know kung ilang weeks-old nagkakaroon ng heartbeat yung fetus?? in 7 weeks, pag wala pang narinig na heartbeat, does it mean, the baby is dead??? And is it dangerous kung hindi ka kaagad maga-undergo sa D&C right after you found out?? help. thanks


  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    You can detect fetal heartbeat at around 8 weeks with the aid of an ultrasonic doppler. If you use an ordinary stethoscope, it may be difficult to hear the heartbeat at times even when you're already in the last trimester. After 8 weeks, if no fetal heartbeat is detected even with doppler, you will be asked to undergo an ultrasound to check for the presence of heartbeat.

    As for D&C, it depends on whether the fetus is already dead or not. You'll have to find out definitely first. In some cases, you can delay D&C even for a couple of weeks while the mother comes to terms with the baby being dead before the procedure is performed, without any ill effects. You'll have to get your ob-gyne's approval for a delayed D&C though.
  • jazzmine22jazzmine22 Non-Member PExer
    [Off topic & double post. I already replied in the other thread.]
  • ver_goodver_good PExer
    My wife is about 8 weeks pregnant..may spotting siya kunti kaya pumunta kami sa doctor for check-up..ito po yung result..positive micro yolk sac, no embryonic heartbeat, no subchorionic hemorrhage,normal ovaries....the doctor said no life daw..kaya option niya is induce or hintayin na lng na kusang malaglag.....pero sa akin...di ako nawalan ng pag-asa...pang pa ultrasound kami after 1 week  ibang doctor na...posible kaya magka heartbeat na ang baby?
  • AverahamAveraham Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    buntis ngayon ang wife ko for 11 weeks, at 10 weeks may heartbeat na ang bata

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