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What is it About UST Paskuhan Every Year That You Do Anticipate About?

UST Paskuhan sets a good mood for all the students, professors and UST administration to set aside academics and business for a moment and take a chance to take a grasp of the Yuletide spirit. The most highly awaited time of the year for most people would have to be the Christmas season - gift-giving, reunions, and the likes; and for Thomasians, it would have to be (apart from the Dominically-declared and officiated Church Holidays, hahaha, Feast of like this and like that; College week, and Sembreak, well, of course) Paskuhan, SOMEHOW, because it is this time of the UST Academic Year that we are all bonded together as a Thomasian Community.

I really feel proud that at least inspite of the religion, racial, belief differences, among others that UST has for its studentry population, we all still manage to take a one special night, Paskuhan night, that is, to set these differences off for a while, and be bonded together as ONE SOLID and PROUD Thomasian Community...

Ako, I like the spirit, as a whole. Exciting, parang iyong Street Party kapag January o February di ba? Like the giant Christmas tree too. The presentations each year, and the fireworks display at the end of the festivities. Syempre, libre foods, to thank God for a very wonderful Thomasian Schoolyear, and to serve as a new welcome for the brighter year ahead...

What about you guys? Excited din ba kayo, kahit papaano? Pwede nga ang mga taga ibang schools to come in, everyone is welcome to attend and have fun... I mean that's the tru spirit of Thomasian sharing, hahaha... :p


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