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MUTA pag gising sa umaga



  • question po eyedoc. kasi ako for about a year na yata (grabe ang tagal na, hehe), may muta ako sa left lower eyelid (where the eyelashes are attached) lagi, pero sa right eyelid ko naman usually wala. bakit kaya ganito? hindi naman namumula mata ko or anything, although minsan napapansin ko minsan may isa or dalawang very small (as in very small) bilog na may liquid sa lower left eyelid ko. minsan nga napapansin ko na may liqud stuff sa lower left eyelid ko kaya i get a cotton bud para tanggalin yon sa lower left eyelid ko. hindi naman po ako mabubulag nito or anything?
  • You may be having chronic posterior blepharitis in your left lower eyelid. No, you most likely won't get blind from this condition, but you do need to have an ophthalmologist to confirm your condition. If this is the case, lid scrubbing (to be demonstrated by the ophtha) may be recommended with either antibiotic ointment or cleaning solution, depending on your condition.
  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    may tao bang muta-in? (pardon the kanto term)

    everyonce in a while (lets say 3 hours), i tend to scratch my eyes & feel that there's muta. (now that i'm so concious about it, i had to get to a therapy- just kidding).

    is it normal for your eyes to get watery if you're tired?

    (since we're on the eye topic) are there many kinds of disposable lenses? the only one that i've tried hurts my eyes badly, i can always feel it while wearing it & it hurts after 5 hours. should i return to my optalmologist & request for another brand/ type or continue with my regular glasses?
  • From the description of your symptoms, you may be suffering from dry eyes. Dry eyes would make it harder for you to wear contact lenses, since CL (extended wear, soft, and disposables) absorb water, making your corneal surfce even dryer. You should be putting your lubricant every so often. BTW, do you take off your contact lenses in the evening?

    I would recommend seeing an ophthalmologist (not an optometrist) to check if you are indeed suffering from dry eyes.
  • HI eyedoc! I stopped wearing my lenses muna... solved na. hehehe. *wave* Happy New Year!
  • Happy new year! Do give me updates, OK?
  • Hi eyedoc! Thanks so much for answering my query. Because of you, I did go to an opthalmologist and the diagnosis is bacterial blepharitis. I'm to use yung Fucidic Acid drops morning and night for ten days, and to shampoo my lashes with diluted Johnson's baby shampoo every night. Palagay nyo po ba chronic blepharitis ang meron ko? Was it too late na pinagamot ko yun after more than a year na meron nun? (siguro mga two years na, I lost count na)
  • If I base it on the time frame, I would think that it's chronic. However, based on the diagnosis, it may just be an acute thing that was recurrent. Pretty hard to tell. And no, it's not too late to have it seen (since it's not fatal), although you might have saved some discomfort if you had it treated earlier:)
  • TineetineTineetine PExer
    edited April 22
    May nakaranas na bang mag muta tapos magluluha yung mata kada paggising sa umaga?? Yung mata ko po kase pag gising ko may muta na, yung muta na parang liquid sya yung puti, hindi yung matigas na. Tapos nasa loob pa sya kaya kailangan kong tanggalin kase napakakati kapag hindi ko tinanggal. Pero after kong tanggalin yung kati nya nandun padin kaya di ko maiwasang kamutin. At isa pa pala, pag gising ko sa ganoong state pulang pula na yung mata ko na parang naka droga (hindi po ako ng dudrugs) 
    Please someone tell me how to treat this. 
    It's been a month now. Nung una isang mata ko lang, ngayon dalawa na. 
  • hi Doc need help. Its already been two days since I had these unusually 'thick' coverings of "muta" in both my eyes everytime I wake up in the morning. I was surprised. I find it hard to open my eyes because they seem to be hardly "glued" together.
    I don't have sore eyes, though.

    What does this indicate, doc? I know this is a little gross and embarrassing but I need help. Im anxious and curious
    Nafeel kona fin yung ganyan. Diko din alam kung bakit ganon ano dahilan bakit nagkakaganon. 

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