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There Should Be A Law Banning Broadcasters From Operating Cable TV Systems

edching908edching908 Certified Chinoy Ako PExer
The sad experience of Sky Cable subscribers over its usual "lousy" service, plus its recent attempts to tamper on the signal of GMA 7 by rechanneling its lineup unnecessarily, and its tendency to monopolize and kill competition in the cable TV industry, should prompt our lawmakers to look into limiting the ownership of cable TV systems to people not connected directly with broadcasting companies, such as telecommunication companies that have no TV or radio stations, or other enterprises dealing purely with delivering clear signals of off-the air channels and the offering of other satellite based programs as come-ons.

Cable TV is supposed to deliver clear signals to all channels without any preference, not as an extension of any broadcasting network in their turf war for ratings.

In the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Canada, cable TV companies there are not directly run by broadcasters there. Thus, the cable channels there usually deliver better service and a wider variety of shows to its subscribers.

From the very start, the Lopezes should never advocate exclusivity since it would not help them in the bottomline, just like what is happening to Sky.

If it is operating Sky just to parade its own cable channels (ANC, Cinema One,Myx and Lifestyle Network) and make it exclusive to its subscribers, it will place a cap on its subscriber and audience growth.

It should instead, SELL THESE CHANNELS TO ALL CABLE OPERATORS REGARDLESS OF OWNERSHIP, FOR ALL SUBSCRIBERS TO ENJOY, NOT JUST THEY OR THEIR AFFILIATES. This is what is being practiced by most cable program providers in other countries. Then, and only then, can they rightfully lay claim to be "In the Service of the Filipino".


  • pasokpasok nobody PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I agree with the latter part - The shows you mention should be rolled out extensively to other cable operators and abate exclusivity. These will boost growth of each program channels, and eventually become an independent entity that can vacuum some financial steadiness and economics to the company and its affiliates. The signal tampering case has yet to be concluded, so to give opinion based upon incomplete facts and court ruling will only suffice irrationality. Ironically, these tampering of signals is not apparent to our local cable systems, and believe it or not its the other way around.....:confused:
  • edching908edching908 Certified Chinoy Ako PExer
    The latest: The NTC has given Sky/Home/Sun Cable only up to December 8 to revert free-to-air channels back to its original channel assignments.

    It should be recalled that last February, in preparation for their mandatory provision of addressable boxes to its subscribers, they would have to rechannel free-to-air channels such as ABS-CBN and GMA. This resulted to reports that since the rechanneling, GMA's signals especially experienced signal problems on the said cable operators.

    Should Sky and its group still refuse to return the channels back to their original assignments, they would be suspended of their license to operate by the NTC. Which means, their subscribers will not be watching its channels. In such cases, they should really call their Call Center to tell them to enforce the rule, otherwise, they will not be able to operate further. FYI.

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