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Most Popular Searches from the Philippines!

ErnestinaErnestina Banned by Admin PExer
The Buzz Index World Report


1. Ragnarok
2. NBA
3. F-4
4. FHM
5. Meteor Garden
6. Mandy Moore
7. StarStruck
8. Harry Potter
9. Smallville
10. Britney Spears

what is ragnarok?! grabe #7 ang StarStruck!


  • thepoorprincethepoorprince therichpauper PExer
    an online game... dami tao addict dun eh heheh :P
  • irvirv Member PExer
    yung ibang countries puro Paris Hilton at saka Michael Jackson :lol:
  • namename .oOoOo. PExer
    who's paris hilton? :hmm:
  • irvirv Member PExer
    Originally posted by name
    who's paris hilton? :hmm:
    read this thread The Hilton Sisters
  • JediKnightJediKnight Banned by Admin PExer
    dati sa pamela anderson lagi #1 ngayon si Paris na! :lol: whatever happened to those sextapes of Paris?! :eek:
  • BufBuf Member PExer
    Does google have a list of its top Philippine searches too? If yes, please post the link. Thanks!
  • thepoorprincethepoorprince therichpauper PExer
    paris hilton, nag-boom search sa kanya eversince yung video nya got out.. hehehehe...
  • whytewhyte Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    nawala na yung PHILS sa list yata now.
  • Brooks_01Brooks_01 Member PExer
    Paris Hilton is a member of the famous Hilton clan here in the U.S. whose family owned the Hilton hotels. It is said that she is set to inheret about $25 million someday. She is rich and she is infamous (this is before the sex video with Rick Salomon who is the ex-husband of Shannon Doherty) for being a wild party girl who loves dressing in very, very sexy outfits.

    Her show on the Fox channel "A Simple Life" is a top hit here in America. For one month, Paris along with her friend Nicole Ritchie (anak ni Lionel) went to live with a family in Altus, Arkansas where they did several jobs at naghasik ng lagim sa mga tao doon.

    I actually enjoyed watching the show dahil nakakatuwa sila at nakakaawa at the same time because sometimes they lack sensitivity and common sense. Indeed, money is not everything. It cannot buy you love, cannot buy you decency and brains!
  • ambertookmeambertookme A Y A K A T O 🦅 Eagle Squad🏅
    naknampoocha! may F4 na, may Meteor Garden pa!
  • hot_xhot_x i'm hot,you're not PExer
    nakasingit pa si Britney Spears.
    di ba dapat may kahalo yung word na "nude"
    yan naman kadalasan lumalabas sa search engines eh.

    Watch Britney TOPLESS XXX
    holy *****!!
  • tijamtijam Member PExer
    i like paris hilton!

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