Need EXERCISE Program

Noisy Cricket Stats:
  • Age: 28 going on 29 next month
  • Height: 5' 8"
  • Weight:, 155 lbs (eeek! I used to be 127 lbs in college!), but actually I look and feel the same. I don't know why I suddenly gained 30 lbs. I still exercise naman.
  • Exercise History: Basketball every Saturday and/or Saturday. Track and Field 6 years and 30 lbs ago in college
  • Would like:
    1. Cardiovascular Program: Just to keep fit and eventually improve endurance
    2. Muscle Toning and development: Want to gain weight and some muscle (not nec. Lucky Manzano or Marky Mark.. just not chubby or lampayatot)

How many minutes jogging, what speed, is treadmill bad for the knees?, what weights machines should i use, how many reps.. hehehe :D

Where do I ask these questions? Am I in the right forum? :lol:


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