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Join! UST-Harvard Proj. for Asian and Inter'l Relaions(HPAIR) Elite Circle

please post anything...

i would like to Invite Thomasians to join this

UST-HPAIR Elite Circle...

we are connecting ourselves to the rest of ASia thru this Project..

i hope many Thomasians are enthusiastic to join!

just PM me....



  • i've heard about this through my cousin and friends from ateneo. is it the same thing? if it is well sign me up :)
  • i hope you arenot creating this org for name's sake!

    well, allow me to clear the pedestal for you...

    HPAIR began as a vision among three Harvard undergraduates in 1991. They wanted an organization that would bring together university students from around the world to discuss important international issues. Moreover, they wanted a venue for establishing educational and cultural ties with world's potentially future leaders. This was realized in 1992, along with the help of the Harvard Club of Taiwan, as the first HPAIR conference was held in Taipei.

    That first conference saw delegates participating in a formal simulation of trade negotiations, involving discussion and the drafting of resolutions and trade protocol. Afterwards, participants convened in a plenary session during which they codified a final multilateral trade agreement.

    HPAIR is more than its yearly conference. Starting 1999, HPAIR delegates has been active in setting up HPAIR network clubs on their own campus. These network clubs around the world provide ongoing discussion outside the conference. The clubs would hold their own seminars, and discussion groups in their home countries. Outputs from these dialogues would then be open for exchange among other clubs. Aside from intellectual exchange, the clubs also engage in their own recruitment and fund-raising programs. Members of the clubs have the privilege of being given preference in the admission to the annual HPAIR conference. There are currently 10 official HPAIR Clubs: Ateneo, University of Asia and Pacific and University of the Philippines in the Philippines, Seoul National University, Yonsei University and Sookmyung Women's University in Korea, E. M. Lyon in France, WHU in Germany, Thammasat University in Thailand, University of Western Sydney in Australia and the College of William and Mary in the United States
  • The three Philippine universities in HPAIR sponsor programs/seminars/congresses on the different topics related to economics, politics, business, career opportunities, and other socio-cultural concerns which address the youth’s role and impact in the changing society.

    I have been following the path of HPAIR since its inception in the country and I have longed wish for UST to be a member institution, in the first place, we are the two oldest universities in the opposite sides of the world.

    We only need somebody/someone to make the move and keep it at par with the rest of three pioneering schools. I hate to see your idea die like a flame. I hope you will REALLY push through with this...But let me tell you, you have to attend one or two HPAIR Congress/es first.

    May I also remind you this early that you are on a very tough challenge. I know UST’s bureaucracy by heart, I have the history of the Varsitarian to support that fact. And from my own experience with the ADMINISTRATION, albeit purely Filipino now, they have not changed at all.

    BTW, I'm a member of the "Vision 2020: Designing the Blueprint for Philippine Sustainable Development" HPAIR conference in the Ateneo last January. Unfortunately, circumstances beyond my control precluded me to actually finish that conference. However, I was able to join the 2nd year of the UA&P edition held in Li Seng Giap Audi of the same university. And for the record, sadly but true, I, together with one fellow, were the LONE Thomasians there. Thomasians cannot be anymore apathetic, it runs in THEIR veins.
  • arkienuts: was supposed to go to the gen why conference last nov 30 but was flooded with plates :)
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