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Power Antenna Repair

Where can I have the power antenna of a 96 Civic repaired?

The antenna is stuck in the up position. The antenna motor can be heard working when activated -- it actually starts and stops as if operating normally, it's just that the antenna doesn't move. Honda Alabang (typical casa response) wants to rip out the entire assembly and install a new one. Yeah, right.

Any suggestions?


  • Pati pala '96 model problema 'yan. We have a '93 Esi with the same problem, and yun din yung suggestion ng casa. Kaya ngayon permanently stuck na yung antenna halfway.

    What's the problem with antennas and civics? The latest models don't have retractables anymore - makes one wonder if they abandoned the concept altogether.
  • My antenna has the same problem... lucky for me it's stuck in the retracted position so it's not a bother. Since I don't really use the radio and I just play CDs, it doesn't really bother me. But I heard that the problem is that at some point, the antenna lets in a bit of water everytime it retracts and extends so it tends to corrode the inner parts and all over time. That's what the peeps at the repair place said and even they suggested I change the entire assembly, but I decided not to since I don't use the thing anyways... :)
  • This also happened to my ride. Anyway, instead of ordering the whole antenna assembly which costs 8K, I ordered the repair kit (Antenna mast repair kit) for ~ 2k. Its the thin long plastic inside the antenna assembly w/c has gears or teeths on it. Mine was broken, thats why it doesn't go up or down. I did the work myself. Luckily you can order almost anything from Toyota. ;)
  • how much yung plastic cord??

  • Punta na lang kayo sa Evangelista mga P200 lang ang pagawa nyan, basta dun sa mga shops lang wag sa freelancers, lhat pati power window mura lang ang repair.
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