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anyone have surplas trnasmission?

im finding a surplas automatic trnasmission for mazda 626 1996 model asap, anyone?


  • OTEP R
    OTEP R Admin
    What seems to be the problem? Transmissions are repairable if you know where to go. :) (e.g. Lucas, Automatic Transmission Specialist, etc.)
  • ei where's thier shop? i live in paranaque and theres only a few car shops i could go to... its not shifting 1st gear and the oil pump supplying the transmission is giving a really wierd loud sound whenever i start the car... do you think they could do sumthing about it? if its ok with you, can i have the contact nums and the places i could go? ive bin in francisco motors, columbia (kia) and hyundai theyre more of a headache than a help and they charge big time goodthing a posted a msg here... thanks so much!
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    I think Lucas is in the Bicutan area AFAIK. I dont know why but it seems that Mazdas have problems with their a/t trannies. I've already seen over 5 323's and 626's with a/t tranny problems (this also includes the one we owned a few years back).

    Another option is to go door-to-door at the surplus shops in Banawe and Evangelista for a mazda tranny. Better have it checked and change the ATF before you use it though since it may also have problems.
  • pse907
    pse907 外国人
    Automatic Transmission Specialist can be found along Visayas Avenue in Proj. 6 Quezon City.

    Trust me, it's worth the travel, the guy who owns this shop has been repairing auto trannys since the 1950's
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    Now if only i knew of that shop back when we had a/t tranny problems. :(
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