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Jiro Manio (a.k.a Magnifico)

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I think talented talaga tong bata na to kasi talagang magaling at natural ang pag-arte and i hope matagalan sya sa showbiz, Swerte talaga ng ABS and they have someone like him at sana mabigyan naman ng exposure ngayon like they did in the past with his movies (Magnifico, Bagong Buwan) kasi hindi ko na sya masyado nakikita ngayon. What you guys think?


  • yep, very talented kid indeed. I think he freqent Wansapataym series if not mistaken.
  • magaling na bata nga yan. ang bilis nya lumuha...

    sana lang di mapabayaan....
  • Johnston
    Johnston Thank You For The Love
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    i've watched Magnifico nga...and he's really good! :)
  • damnright
    damnright I feel it in my fingers.. ♫
    yea i think he's good din.:)
  • ang galing galing ng batang 'to sa magnifico.
  • My favorite child actor! He's adorable!
  • Ang galing talaga ni Jiro. Una ko siyang napanood sa Bagong Buwan yata at napabilib ako sa kanya. Napanood ko siya kagabi sa MMK. :)
  • STARBYTES By Butch Francisco
    The Philippine Star 12/02/2003

    After opening to critical acclaim early this year, Maryo J. de los Reyes’ Magnifico continues to reap accolades, this time in film festivals abroad.

    Produced by Violett Films, the first stop of Magnifico was at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival at the Czech Republic last July where it was fielded among 240 entries and ended up being chosen as one of the Top 15.

    For this festival, Violett Films producer Madame Violet Sevilla herself accompanied Magnifico, along with the star of the film, Jiro Manio and Madame Violet’s daughter, Girlie Sevilla, who is also part of the movie (as Ising, the love interest of Danilo Barrios).

    The members of this delegation saw for themselves the importance given by the host country to Magnifico and, yes, to the Philippines. While touring the place, they saw standing in the middle of the town the billboard of Magnifico with the Philippine flag flying beside it. Oh how proud they felt – particularly Jiro, who as always wore a Barong Tagalog.

    After the screening of Magnifico (this was on July 7), everyone gave the film a standing ovation. Jiro was a hit–and so was Isabella de Leon. Isabella, who plays a victim of cerebral palsy in the movie, impressed the Czech audience to the point that they kept asking if she was really afflicted with such a disorder. Their favorite scene there, according to Girlie Sevilla, was this poignant, yet funny part where Jiro was getting the measurements of his grandmother (Gloria Romero) so that he may be able to make her a coffin – never mind the fact that she was still breathing and very much alive.

    But the crowning moment for the delegation was when Morgan Freeman approached Jiro and gave the boy the thumbs up–a clear indication that even this great Hollywood actor was impressed with the performance of this child actor from the Philippines.

    After Czechoslovakia, Magnifico (along with Star Cinema’s Dekada) next went to the Toronto Film Festival, where entries are put up for exhibition. Only Magnifico’s director, Maryo J. de los Reyes went to that one.

    Magnifico’s two other stops were at the film festivals in Fukuoka and in Korea where it was again put up for exhibition.

    But in the film festival in Hawaii recently, Magnifico – along with Noon at Ngayon and Dekada – once more went into competition. Out of 100 entries, Magnifico ended up in the Top 5 and was acclaimed as the most popular. It was Gloria Romero who was a hit there this time.

    Magnifico should still be playing in Honolulu theaters by this time. (Its regular run was supposed to have started last Nov. 21.) Originally, Magnifico was scheduled to open in Hawaii in February 2004 yet. But because of the Hawaiian public’s warm reception to the movie during the film festival, its playdate had to be advanced in the theaters there.

    Next year, the film will participate in more film festivals abroad – in Palm Springs, Bangkok, Venice, New Delhi, New York and Saipan.

    In the local awards derbies next year, Magnifico will surely be a frontrunner for Best Picture and in the various acting categories.

    Magnifico was produced by Madame Violet Sevilla to the tune of P25-M which would have been enough to produce three movies. Although the huge production cost of Magnifico didn’t exactly bring Madame Violet to the poorhouse, the amount she spent on it – by any kind of mathematics – would be quite diffucult to recover.

    But she’s not about to give up. At the moment, she plans to produce another quality movie to be directed either by Chito Roño or Maryo de los Reyes. She also wants to get the service of Laurice Guillen because she liked Tanging Yaman.

    Well-loved by industry members because of her kindness, generosity and, yes, professionalism, Madame Violet insists she will not stop until she has produced a great Filipino movie that we will be proud of – especially abroad.
  • Liked him in Bagong Buwan. Yet to see MAGNIFICO.

    He was great in the Jay Manalo Story in MMK. His emotions are always just right, and the boy is a tearjerker. Lagi niya kong pinapaiyak! hehe.
    He's soooo cute too. If I was 10 years old I'll have a huge kras on him. That's why I told my niece that she should marry Jiro Manio. hehe. promise! arranged na marriage nila!
  • Ophelia_Kills >> congrats po :D:D:D for being our new MOD ;)
  • super galing talaga! kakatuwa rin siya sa tanging ina! :)
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    Grade 5 student siya ng Holy Child Catholic School
  • paulsky
    paulsky di paning alti™
    hello saan kaya makakakuha ng copy ng MAGNIFICO?
  • He's so adorable. Galing umarte. *okay* sya sa Bagong Buwan at Magnifico at Tanging Ina:handsdown:

    I wish more projects for him!
  • truly heart-warming performance by Jiro.:handsdown:
  • magaling tong batang to!! 100%

    Star Circle Member ba siya?
  • avonlea
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    sana hindi siya matulad kay patrick garcia :D

    siya pala yung bata sa La Vida Rosa... napaiyak niya ako dun ha!
    yup, napakagaling talaga ng batang ito. at magaganda pa mga films na nilalabasan nya.

    teka, may vcd or dvd copy na ba ng magnifico?
  • smocks
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    napakagaling umarte ng batang to! watched magnifico and he stole the limelight with the other veteran stars! tearjerker din life story nya! just watched pipol last night and nakakaawa din sya coz he doesnt stay with his parents. good luck to him sana nga di sya matulad kay patrick garcia!
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