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[Merged] Top Gear is back!*Top Gear TV sched on BBC World

For those of you who love cars you might want to check out BBC every now and then to get the sched. The last episode featured a boxster, z4 and a s2000 on a head to head, along with old M-powered cars as a feature story.


  • extrarice
    extrarice meron ba tayo jan?
    tlga? anu sked nya? na miss ko yung ENGLISHMAN don! HAHAHAHA!!!

    meron ba tayo jan?
  • Hahahaha... I love that show... the host is funny as well... I love the way they compare cars and their other features... what's the new schedule? :)
  • pse907
    pse907 外国人
    Da guy's name is Jeremy Clarkson. If you want a car mag that's full of wit and humor, plus of course the technical side of things get a subscription of Top Gear magazine. It's worth the price :)
  • I think I just caught the last parts of the show last night... around 9ish me thinks... is that show weekly or a daily thing? :|

    How much is the Top Gear magazine anyways and where can I find it? I've never seen one in the stands... :)
  • Napanood ko yung test drive nila ng Touareg. hehehe, kinawawa nila (tapos Car and Driver SUV of the Year 2k3 pa pala yun) . Ibang klase gumawa ng criticism yung hosts, matatawa ka talaga minsan.

    BTW, sino ba talaga si Stig? Last episode that I watched was when he drove a Porsche GT3 under wet conditions.
  • Verbl Kint
    Verbl Kint The Usual Suspect
    I just finished watching their 130am telecast. They featured a Subaru wagon and a SAAB. They actually liked the SAAB!
  • onwils
    onwils Critical Man
    When is it being shown? Philippine time.
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    Top Gear airs on Thursday nights 9:30pm. That's the first broadcast for the week. The only rerun I know of is on Sunday afternoon, 1:30pm.

    I like Jeremy Clarkson too...but I miss Group C racer Tiff Needell and car chick Vicki Butler-Henderson.

    If it goes off the air, don't worry---it returns after a while in 13-episode seasons.
  • I LOVE this show! :glee:

    They changed the format a bit though and I do miss the 2 other hosts they dropped. :(

    Still, Jeremy Clarkson's wit and very English humour never fails to amuse me! And of course, the cars are always drool-worthy! :D
  • PiperBaby
    PiperBaby I miss my SIOPAO!
    TOP GEAR (RP time)

    Thu 3:30 AM (initial telecast)

    Thu 9:30 PM
    Sat 12:30 AM
    Sun 12:30 PM
    Mon 1:30 AM; 8:30 AM; 3:30 PM

    But these scheds are subject to chnages according to BBC programming (like when they have live reports, breaking news, etc)

    HTH :)
  • ruger
    ruger paking paker
    astig.. thanks for d scheds.. sobrang ok ung show na to..

    i remember nung todo nilait nila yung mercedes s600 or s500.. about dun sa voice command options nung benz hehe..
  • pse907
    pse907 外国人
    I know I have this Top Gear video somewhere where Tiff was allowed to drive an old Ferrari F1 racer that used to be Prosts.

  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    The Sunday reruns are at 1:30pm, not 12:30. :)
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    Guys, Top Gear seems to have gone on a break. Last Thursday BBC didn't air any new episodes. Guess this means we'll have to wait until it shows again.
  • Jeremy C, on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo: "...has the sex appeal of a camel, with gingivitis..."

    I wonder what Federico Garcia would've thought :glee:
  • Pao|o
    Pao|o Foodie
    Would anyone know what day & time does BBC World show Top Gear?
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    Been trying to find that out myself, dude. I don't think it's being shown on the usual Thursday 9:30pm slot anymore.

    Or maybe it's still on a season break? :|
  • Verbl Kint
    Verbl Kint The Usual Suspect
    It's on a season break and it's coming back in the summer (June?).
  • Pao|o
    Pao|o Foodie
    I just wish they'd replay during the season hiatus. :) Highlights from the 03-04 Season? :)
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    I loved the "Star in a Resonably Priced Car" segment...UK celebrities duking it out on the test track in a humble Suzuki Liana.

    Separates the boys from the men, that segment does :D Jamiroquai's Jay Kay did the best lap of them all IIRC.
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