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Daewoo Cars...

what are the PROS and CONS of daewoo cars here in the philippines.. specially yung RACER types nila?


  • OTEP R
    OTEP R Tsikot.com Admin
    If you're going Daewoo, better get the higher end models like the Espero or the Daewoos being sold by Chevrolet dealers (the Optra and Aveo, yes they are Daewoos).

    Racers are ok. They are actually old Opels (another GM subsidiary) which Daewoo got the rights to manufacture after their life cycle with Opel ended. They were sold in the U.S. as the Pontiac Le Mans although only in hatchback form.

    Finding a decent Racer unit nowadays is hard since most of these cars led hard and neglected lives. Parts are not really that difficult to come by. You have your Daewoo, Opel and GM dealer to run to in case you really need something not available from the Korean parts specialists in Banawe.

    My friend has one (a red ETi, GTi's were the top dog model). It certainly has a European flavor to it. You even have to lift the collar on the shift lever to get into reverse. Very European indeed.
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