heart burn & chest pain

ano po bang difference ng pakiramdam, im 19 weeks pregnant, two days ago biglang sumakit yung upper part ng dibdib ko, parang ayokong gumalaw while sitting ...nang i bend ko yung leeg ko back & forth it went towards the back of my head, tolerable naman...mga within the hour pag diniinan kung yung right part ng dibdib ko ( not breast ) medyo masakit, then nawala na ...this is my second pregnancy, never had a heartburn nung first pregnancy ko kaya i have no idea about heartburn, masakit na sikmura lang dati...on my early first trimester minsan parang kumakabog yung dibdib ko when i lay down on my side...ano po kaya yun? i hope it's not related sa heart...(i know heartburn is digestive problem)


  • eyedoceyedoc Member PExer
    Chest pain is very general. It means what it says, literally any pain in the chest. It may signal anything from a muscle pain to heartburn or a lung problem.

    Heartburn is caused when the stomach acids regurgitate (goes back) into the esophagus, causing the "burning" sensation.

    From your description it sounds very much like a muscle pain, however, I cannot be sure. If the problem persists or if you experience other symptoms like shortness of breath or easy fatiguability, better check it out with your doctor.
  • Hi po, possible po kaya na heartburn or acid reflux tong nararamdaman ko? Ung parang may nakabarang pagkain sa esophagus ko, ung everytime na lumulunok ako kahit na laway lang eh ramdam ko un sa esophagus po.
  • coccomomoacoccomomoa PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I usually have that.  Usually from muscle pain only.  

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