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nodules in breast

A friend of mine learned that she have nodules in one of her breast after an ultrasound. She's single. What advice can u give? Thanks.


  • IraIra Member PExer
    If she's young and they are multiple, it's most probably fibrocystic disease of the breast, which is a very common, entirely benign condition brought about by hormonal changes near the menstrual period. They disappear after a month or two, only to recur after. Nevertheless, it's advised that she consult either a general surgeon or an ob-gyne for it just to rule out a more serious problem. If they are tender, they can be easily aspirated and shrunk via needle aspiration either in the doctor's clinic or as a scheduled outpatient basis.
  • velocity000velocity000 Member PExer
    what do u think is the cause of this? is there a way to stop it from recurring? will these nodules lead to breast cancer if not treated? Thanks
  • bmdbmd Member ✭✭
    am fixated by breast cancer. its a disease that begs for the dissemination of information, don't you think?

    nodular by ultrasound, not cystic? suspicious features in a mammogram will lead her doctor to recommend a biopsy. this is unless she's quite young-- a mammogram is next to useless then and clinical observation is often resorted to (unless she is at high risk).

    if fibrocystic disease is the problem, its hormonal. (menopause is the cure!) if breast pain is severe, the doctor will intercede and manipulate her hormones. regarding cancer, fibrocystic disease can sometimes mask it on a mammogram- that's the doctor's problem with it. in itself, there's ~ 5% risk of cancer if with a biopsy reading of a subset called "atypical hyperplasia".
  • velocity000velocity000 Member PExer
    will this nodules lead to breast cancer if not treated? is operation necessary to take the nodules out?
  • IraIra Member PExer
    Depends on what will be the final pathology reading of the needle aspiration biopsy.
  • hayumihayumi Member PExer
    is there any medicine to take para matunaw ang bukol sa dibdib? I have one sa upper right side of my breast. Medyo lumalaki siya. Takot kasi ako sa operation.
  • IraIra Member PExer
    None, sorry. Have your breast mass examined by a surgeon. If you're young, it's most probably just a benign mass anyway. If surgery is suggested, take that advice, because it may grow bigger and become disfiguring and technically more difficult to excise, even if it's just benign. Nodules are usually excised on an outpatient basis using local anesthesia, and is a very minor procedure, so there's nothing to get worried about.
  • Hi Ira,

    I have red spot in my left breast (its not really dark), its like a a mark when you scratch you skin. but its been there for a three weeks already. Do you think this is just a skin rashes? please let me know i just little bit worried.

    I have very sensitive skin... i always have rashes and its takes a while before the skin gets better.
  • eyedoceyedoc Member PExer
    It could be just a rash. Do you have any other symptoms?

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