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Dennis Trillo is My Ka twin hearts!!!

Super Gwapo ni papa DENNIS!!!!


  • saroun_eksaroun_ek Member PExer
    sino siya?
  • skinnydogskinnydog Member PExer
    ay too bad, you should get a tv set so you get to know who he is, what a pity.
  • banshe1981banshe1981 Member PExer
    sya yung sa globe and jollibee commercial, yung binigyan ng fone...

    basta he looks promising...

    nasa ispup din sya dati...

    mukha ba kong well-informed
  • tomtomtomtom t(",)t PExer
    hawig sya ni rudy fernandez?
  • banshe1981banshe1981 Member PExer
    ang layo naman...
  • saroun_eksaroun_ek Member PExer
    sorry ha...ibang trillo kasi lang ang kilala ko...si joaquin trillo
  • benjam1nbenjam1n jaybeecc PExer
    yeah, cutee :)
  • purple_glassespurple_glasses Ryza Believer / may sapi PExer
    Ever since nakita ko siya sa Kahit Kailan...crush ko na siya.
    Cutie pie! :*)
  • august28august28 Member ✭✭
    Dennis Trillo is Aga Muhlach-Richard Gomez in the making, if properly handled, he'll go a long way. The guy projects and acts well....very, very promising.
  • haberdasherhaberdasher Banned by Admin PExer
    good thing he was given abreak thru twin hearts....
  • skinnydogskinnydog Member PExer
    i personally know the guy, and you know what... he's really shy in person and very simple
  • andrea8andrea8 Pinoy Care Bear PExer
    yeah... lahat na kami sa place tawa ng tawa kc someone was cracking a a joke.. siya, smile :) lang.. pero he was so nice to this cat... he fed it... grabe! pero he's looks really serious! no stir! hehe pero he'sreally cute... flawless! hehe :D
  • shooogershoooger certain shade of green PExer
    Ikaw gid akon unahon....

    does he really know how to speak hiligaynon?
  • skinnydogskinnydog Member PExer
    i don't think so, but he made it sound like he knew how, what a guy
  • skinnydogskinnydog Member PExer
    twin hearts, keeps getting better
  • tsokolattsokolat no regrets.. ✭✭✭
    i also find him cute..grabe..any info about him?



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