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Impression and differential diagnosis on this case

Hello doctors! I’d like to find out what’s your:
1. Impression
2. Differential diagnosis
on the case below. It is just a hypothetical case, not an actual one. It's a case we are currently discussing in our med school. Your opinion will be very much appreciated. Thank you!

R.C., 25 year-old, M, consulted at your clinic due to fever and chills.

HPI: A week PTC, patient complained of sore throat with associated high grade fever, headache and body malaise. He self-medicated with unrecalled cough/cold preparations to no avail. Persistence of signs and symptoms prompted consult at your clinic.

PMHX: non-hypersensitive, non-diabetic, no thyroid illness, no hx. Of tumorous growths nor blood dyscrasias

FMHX: (-)HPN (-)CHVD, (-)D.M.(-)Thyroid illness, (-)Blood dyscrasias

P/SHX: An executive secretary with history of 2 pack years of smoking, occasional alcoholic beverage drinker

ROS: (-) headache
(-) loss of consciousness(LOC)
(-)dental caries
(-)prior chest pains
(-)abdominal pain
(-) diarrhea/constipation
(+)frequent sorethroats for 10X yearly

Pertinent PE:
SHEENT: good skin turgor, normocephalic, pale palpebral conjunctivae, (-) alar flaring,
(-)neck vein engorgement; normal sized thyroid-moves with deglutition; (+)CLAP,
(+)TPC;/erythematous pharyngeal walls,bilateral;
C/L: (-)ICS retractions, clear breath sounds, no rales/wheezing;
CVS: adynamic precordium; NRRR; PMI at 5th ICS,LMCL;(-)murmurs;
Abd: soft, flat, non-tender,NABS; (-)tendcerness/organomegaly;
Extremities: Full equal pulses, (-) edema/cyanosis; (-)leg varicosities
Neurologic Exam: E/N



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