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Super Turbo Charger

have u tried the Super Turbo Charger, which was invented by a filipino and was featured in Magandang Gabi Bayan?


  • hmmmm

    how does it work?

    my customary reply would be

    "also makes julian fries"
  • Ano yun pinagsamang SuperCharger tsaka TurboCharger?
  • palin
    palin glorifiedprogramer
    Hehehe!!! Baka adjective lang yung Super.

    Correct me if I'm wrong....

    A supercharger provides forces air through a direct drive mechanism, pullies and belts which drives a "pump".

    A turbo's on the other hand relys on the momentum of air/oil flow to force air into the combustion chamber. I guess this is similar to a ram intake.

    In a sense pareho lang, magkaiba lang sa execution.

    But super turbo charger???
  • Originally posted by palin
    A supercharger provides forces air through a direct drive mechanism, pullies and belts which drives a "pump".

    A turbo's on the other hand relys on the momentum of air/oil flow to force air into the combustion chamber. I guess this is similar to a ram intake.

    You're right on that for the most part. The major performance difference between a turbo and a super charger is that since the turbo charger requires airflow from the exhaust to drive it, there is what enthusiasts term as "turbo lag." This is the slight time it takes the turbo to do it's job as it waits for the accelerator to release exhaust through the manifold.

    The great thing about turbos is that they're far easier to install as an after market upgrade over super chargers which require tedious kits. Also, since the exhaust drives the turbo, and the turbo force feeds more air into the engine, which in turn makes for a stronger exhaust, which then results in more power from the turbo, and so on, and so on... this makes for exponential power gains from a relatively small and light system. :)

    The good thing about super chargers is that the "lag" in turbos isn't present anymore since as soon as the accelerator is depressed, this immediately winds the super charger which also force feeds air into the combustion chamber. Response is immediate but since it's a direct component of the engine, it's harder to upgrade or install after market. :)

    Personally though, I prefer turbo chargers, less hassle and easier to deal with. Plus, the so called "turbo lag" is virtually non-existent in more modern machines anyways so why bother? Don't get me wrong though, super chargers are still all well and good in my book. I just prefer turbo chargers. :)

    Problem with any forced induction system though is the heat it produces. Turbos especially are suceptible to it, but is easily balanced with an intercooling system. :)
  • marco_1
    marco_1 M I Y E M B R O
    hehe.. sorry folks pangalan lng po yun nung naimbento ni PLANAS, planas super turbo charger sya, na iniinstall sa mga gaso na tsikot...
  • pse907
    pse907 外国人
    Turbochargers : kicks in at higher revs

    Supercharger : kicks in at lower revs

    I know there are some supercars that have both Super and Turbochargers, astig 'no? Kaya lang medyo strained din ang engine mo nun pero ayos lang, supercar naman e, they are built to be maximized.

    Turbolag isn't really noticeable in modern cars, say an Intergra R but it sure is VERY noticeable in diesel engines :)

    Mokkori is right, if you want the most bang for the buck, go for a turbo but be sure to upgrade other parts as well (like lightening unsprung mass : ligher alloy wheels, stiffen suspension, etc..) to get the maximum out of your new setup =>
  • OTEP R
    OTEP R Admin
    Big waste of money ang SuperTurbocharger ni Planas. He won't even put it on a new engine for dynotesting. Parating sa mga bulok na makina. Siyempre out of tune na yon. His device will seem to work on them. But at the price he is selling them, I would rather have a proper tune up.
  • na feature uli cya kanina sa magandaumaga .. chanel 2.

    d ko napanood buo pero parang me kinabitan na ford pickup.
  • add616reneb
    add616reneb IT Consultant
    It is better to install the ALEGRE EXHAUST GAS OXIZER (EGO), another invention of a Filipino, Mr. Adolfo Alegre. Just weld (by oxy-acetylene) the stainless steel device at the tip of your vehicle's tail pipe and guaranteed to reduce smoke belching, increase engine power and save on fuel (gasoline or diesel). It is one of the finalists in this year's Inventors' Week to be held at Philtrade starting Nov. 26th, 2003.

    How does the EGO device works?

    With the installation of ‘EGO’device (Alegre EXHAUST GAS OXIDIZER) to the present Conventional Exhaust System of an engine or vehicle, the exhaust flow velocity is increased tremendously by the “venturi” function of the device, causing more efficient “scavenging” in the engine’s combustion chambers. As a result, all the leftover wastes (unburnt fuel) and carbon deposits are scavenged and dispersed out during the exhaust stroke; thus, the subsequent intake of fresh fuel into the combustion chambers is assured to be in its ideal mixture or in the homogeneous state of “stoichiometric” air-fuel-ratio for efficient, full power combustion. This scientific innovation attributed to the ‘EGO’ device’s amazing accom-plishment, warrant an all-time peak engine performance, insuring:
    (1) Controlled exhaust emission to the safest level;
    (2) Substantial savings on oil and fuel (15% on diesel; 25% on gasoline);
    (3) Remarkable increase in power and torque (between 5 - 8%).

    Furthermore, the resulting effect of the exhaust emission’s increased velocity flow passing rapidly through the exhaust piping system and the ‘EGO’ device, causes partial vacuum in its “venturi” section, which automatically draws-in atmospheric air inside the device. In this process, oxygen from the inducted air reacts to the hot gases of exhaust; thus, further oxidation of the unburnt hydro-carbons take place, and in consequence, converts these noxious gases into harmless carbon dioxide, water and traces of nitrogen as they are expelled-out clean and friendly to the atmosphere.

    The device costs from P4,500 - P6,500 depending on models and size of the engines only excluding cost of welding as follows:

    Price ranges for the five (5) ‘EGO’- size Models:
    ‘EGO’-1SM (for 1000cc-1500cc engines) PhP4,500
    ‘EGO’-1 (for 1600cc-2000cc engines) PhP4,500
    'EGO’-1XL (for 2.2 lt. – 3.0 lt. engines) PhP5,500
    ‘EGO’-2 (for 3.2 lt. – 3.5 lt. engines) PhP6,000
    ‘EGO’-2XL (for Extra large engines) PhP6,500

    You could get the devices from me (Res. Tel. 8740183 BFRV, Las Piñas,MM) and you could also be one of our Dealers.
    See also related thread:
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    I've seen this Superturbocharger being advertised in newspapers...full-page full-color ad nga yung nakita ko eh. Claims it can save gas and give a moderate power boost with a simple, no-fuss, bolt-on operation. It claims it's been around for 30 years and updated 4 times.

    I'm having my doubts. Anything with that sort of goofy name and made by a Pinoy stinks of fishyness...
  • From what I hear and the experience of friends, such local devices are a hit and miss venture... it'll work well for some cars, do nothing for others, and even degrade a few here and there... personally, I'd rather not turn my car into a ginuea pig test bed for someone else's backyard product. :eek:

    I don't really have anything bad to say about such devices but as with any aftermarket upgrade... at your own risk. :|
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    As an added caveat, the usual rule is that whatever increases your engine's power output usually increases its fuel consumption as well.

    Be warned.
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