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scooter, no clutch?

does anyone here own a scooter?
i heard that they don't have clutches, doesn't that pose a problem when shifting gears?
is it adviceable to get one? the models i've seen are getting to look better than the ones a decade ago


  • Most scooters that I know of are AT... I'm not much of a bike fan so I'll let the experts talk on this one. :)
  • maybe what you are referring to is the clutch handle...
    may clutch ang mga scooters kaso lang walang clutch handle... centrifugal-type kasi ang clutch ng mga single-speed scooters... the clutch engages when the rpm increases thus 'automatic' ang tawag...

    the clutch handle is similar to a cars clutch pedal and ang trabaho nito is to engage-disengage the clutch on-command to shift gears.... :)
  • I heard of that the one with one gear and with a centrifugal clutch, this is usually the smaller scooters if i'm not mistaken, but aren't there others with several gears? do they also come with a centrifugal clutch?
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