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Nice car to buy in the USA?

What's a nice car to buy in the USA, preferably below $18,000, brand new, pang-bachelor, alloy mags (not steel mags with wheel covers - panget yun!), good mileage-per-gallon consumption and DEFINITELY NOT FOUND IN THE PHILIPPINES.

Suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)


  • the scion xb?? hehe
  • :?
    :? Unregistered
    Since it looks like you're into Mazda... why not go for the new Mazda 6 or better yet, an RX-7?

    btw, it doesn't matter if you get a car w/ stock steel rims... you can always replace it with an aftermarket one (better than factory alloy "mags") for alot cheaper.

    Bakit ayaw mo ng kotse na meron diyan sa Pinas? I *personally* would kill for a Sarao Jeep (SERIOUSLY) Imagine cruising in that thing in LA.. oh man.. talk about "center of attention"..
  • If you do like Mazda's then a second hand RX-7 FC or FD would do quite nicely... but then again, you do want brand new... it's far easier to repair rotary engines in the US than here in the Philippines though. :)

    I would suggest the RX-8 but me thinks that costs way more than 18k... :|
  • The RX-7 has been discontinued (so no brand-new) in favor of the RX-8. The RX-8 is a fine sports car but consumes premium gas quite a bit. And as Mokkori mentioned, it costs more than $18k.

    The Mazda6 is around $22-26k. So again that is out of your budget. A tad smaller than the Accord and Camry but has sportier underpinnings.

    Mazda has just come out with the Mazda3- the successor to the Protege. It looks good in both 4-door hatchback and sedan versions but since its so new, its not yet proven in the long-run.
  • Red_Miata
    Red_Miata Mazda Miata MX-5
    Well, the reason I want a car not found in the Philippines is so that I could drive something new for a change. That would be exciting. Imagine driving a car that's common in the Philippines, parang hindi ka na rin umalis diba? So there. Just something new and exciting to try. Pang-attract na rin ng Pinay girls! :glee:

    I'm looking into the coupes. So far, the one that interests me is the Honda Civic EX 2-door with moonroof and 15" alloy mags. It's quite affordable and sporty. Maganda ang porma. But I think it's gonna be a little too expensive with the registration, insurance, taxes, etc. So that price I see in the net is not the exact price but much more.

    I initially wanted a Ford Mustang convertible (or any other convertible for that matter - but the most practical is the Mustang because it's a 4-seater convertible) but that costs $25,000+ so it's way out of my league. Plus, I heard Fords aren't good. Sirain daw. So the apple of my eyes right now belong to the 2-door Honda Civic EX. It seems to be the successor to the Honda Prelude as Preludes are not made anymore.
  • gotcha2
    gotcha2 You dont have to believe me
    You can get 2003 Honda Civic EX as low as 15K with 0% interest.
    Dagdag ka na lang ng konti Accord na.
  • Red_Miata
    Red_Miata Mazda Miata MX-5
    Honda Civic EX 2-door for 15K at 0% interest?! Oh my! I want, I want!
  • 0% interest financing is usally reserved for buyers with excellent, established credit histories.
  • Chief Wahoo!
    Chief Wahoo! has CHINITAPHILIA
    Well, I guess I have to make sure my credit history is good. Someday, I want to buy a Porsche. :p
  • in the states? hmmmm
    evolution 8

    in the philiphines evolution 8

    in europe evolution fq300

    in new zeland? evolution 7

    in australia rme evolution 8

    in japan? bozz evolution 8

    any questions?
  • Yeah... the Evos are the best. :D
  • clawed_out
    clawed_out Banned by Admin
    so picky.

    try geo escalade.

    go kia or hyundai.
  • f0r5aK3n
    f0r5aK3n Ascendant BridgeBurner
    Pontiac GrandPrix
    Pontiac GrandAm
    Oldsmobile Alero

    Those are the 3 American brands I like..

    oh.. forgot.. AND The Chevy Impala! :teehee:
  • Dunedain
    Dunedain NINJAneer gone Indie!
    If I'd only have a just one lousy stinkin' year free from taxes and other obligations, I'd aim for the H2 (or the original Hummer - the ultimate bad boy). :D Then if God permits, pump up some muscles, screw up my accent, and run for governor. :lol:
  • necr0
    necr0 pancit-eating.....
    WRx for around 24000

    or an SRT-4 for around 20,000... yn nga lang NEON sya.... cute

    evo for 18000? baka 48000
  • You've actually got a fair number of choices based on your needs.

    If it absolutely has to be a brand new car for under $18K, must get great gas mileage and must not be found in manila:

    1. Honda Civic Coupe/Hatch. Pretty reliable, with greate resale value.
    2. Ford Focus ZX3/ZX5. Fun to drive, high utility
    3. Mini Cooper. Get the base model and go easy on the options. It's possible to get this car for under $18k.
    4. Saturn Ion. Pretty cheap, neat-o rear access doors
    5. Toyota Celica. The base GT is still under $18k! Radical styling for a Toyota though
    6. VW Golf or Beetle. Get the TDI to really save on gas!

    Now's a great time to go car shopping, what with the super low interest rates and all.

    Good luck and happy motoring!
  • If you fancy, check out Toyota's Scion xB
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    I would vote against getting second-hand FC or FD Mazda RX-7s if you want your gas money to last. The FC and FD RX-7s are notorious for their horrendous thirst for unleaded. You think the RX-8's thirsty? It's actually a little better compared to its rotary forebears because of its fuel intake ports being placed elsewhere.

    My choice for $18,000? Maybe you should get the Honda EM Civic Coupe...the other choices (Golf, Mini, Celica et al.) are better when specced-up.

    Aren't you considering a second-hand car? Good cars don't have to be new all the time :)
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    dud.. ok na rin yung Scion xB... kaso nga lang mukhang lunchbox on wheels :glee: Bat di mo subukan yung Scion xA? It kinda resembles a mini cooper.. if you're into that kind of cars

    Honda Civic... uhm.. diba meron naman Civic sa Pinas? Also everyone and their mom owns a Civic here (esp. the ricers.. :glee: ) so kung gusto mo talaga ng unique.. say NO to Civics.

    How about Toyota Matrix?
  • Maspopular yung xB eh, walang katulad, eye-catching. Yung xA, mukhang ordinaryong compact. Problema sa Scion, parehong 108hp lang. Dagdagan nila iyan, I just might test drive and buy an xB. :D
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