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What is UST's rival school ?

For Thomasians, what school do you think is your rival ?



  • No one. UST is unique, every school is.
  • wala...ust is ust....wala pang nakakapantay sa mga achievements
  • hanskyuthanskyut PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    harvard?, yale?

    hehe, jok lang
  • wala. walang skul na magsstoop down sa uste eh....
  • Sure, kid. Have a feel that the sun shines brightly on your side.

    Nobody would really stoop down on us because some of them feel that they're high even if, obviously, they're just a couple of high-hats full of filthy air; stepping on lumps of people willing to be pushovers to some ninnies like you (alternicks's more appropriate).

    Get a life you dunce, you have your own fora that would accept you and your ill manners, otherwise, thread if you know what that means.

    Don't mess with someone/with an institution not messing with yours. To each his own life if you do have some, now I tell you, get a life! While you're at it you can also try reviewing your GMRC.

  • hanskyuthanskyut PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Originally posted by cogstag
    wala. walang skul na magsstoop down sa uste eh....

    nu ni nu ni nu ni nu :bigyawn:
  • FEU, UE, PUP, CEU, ADAMSON and PCU! :) peace.
  • What's wrong with those schools anyway? You didn't pass them, yes?
  • Originally posted by Thoma§
    What's wrong with those schools anyway? You didn't pass them, yes?

    nothing. sinagot ko lang ang tanong, bow.
  • sa student quality, ust's rival is DLSU. :) kaagaw nio ang LaSalle sa pagsalo ng mga... :shutup:
  • :rolleyes:
    Cheap. Like, ya know, whatever.
  • IscharamoochieIscharamoochie PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    UST's rival is none other than itself. As long as we stick too much to "the" Thomasian tradition, we can never advance. We must always go beyond our limits and establish a continuous cycle of self-improvement. in the end, we would see that the spirit of Thomasian education is not the buildings or the curriculum or the name "thomasian," but the path of transcendence towards the One, True, Good, and the Beautiful.
  • i love ust!!!!!:)
  • what a senseless topic!
  • please close this thread...dadaanan lng to ng mga "mumu"...
  • this is not a non-sense (not senseless!) topic, only non-sense posters!

    if only the question is answered with a little common sense and justification, then there is no point this thread can go wrong. forget about the bashers, they proliferate anywhere, it's not their posts or replies that matter, it's how YOU (aptly we) deal with it. so do that with bearing and a little constructivism naman! hindi para kayong nagbabatuhan ng candy...hay nako...hate to say this, UST is good in tradition, name and distinguished alumni, but majority of its populace at present cannot even distinguish between farther and further...for christ's sake...

    don't cry over spilled milk. you who reacts violently knows the difference, that could be you...

    now anyone dare to counteract my claim, roll the dice!
  • now, allow me to answer the question...

    ust's rival is itself, ok, you have a point, but man, that's naive relativism. ust is actually drastically improving at present (in time for 2011), mind you, the only university that can really rival our physical facilities at present is dlsu and ua&p. i know because i've been to too many universities in the country.

    now, let us gauge the competition, say, the rivalry, in terms of technical basis for concrete comparisons: 1) facilities; 2) academic reputation; 3) faculty profile; 4) student selectivity; 5) athletics; 6) alumni; 7) media presence; 8) wealth; 9) networks; and, 10) research output.

    ok, let's start from there...let me here your comments first before i fire. you may add if you want, but please, justify.
  • i can't wait...let me pick on athletics, alumni and networks for my first round...

    athletics: ust co-founded the NCAA, then the UAAP. So history itself speaks of ust's dominance in athletics. now, for 66 years of uaap's life, ust owns the 30 general championships, aside from the 18 basketball titles and other sweeps, back-to-back, 3-peat, 4-peat, here and there, etc, etc, and even 9-peat in swimming! the only school that rivals ust in terms of sports programs is dlsu, considering that it is a very small university. no one, not even the state u, matches the dominance of ust's sports program, we have majority of the national team members in various sporting events. they are also the country's source of pride in international sports meet.

    alumni: we consider the powerful roster of alumni of the so-called ivy league of the philippines (up-admu-dlsu) in terms of business, media and politics...but the question is, can we actually consider their "sterling" names in nation-building? in the shaping of this poor country's future? where are the alumni of the pontifical university? their powerful names are hidden in the background, doing their noteworthy share of raising the plight of this barren land. medicine, culture and the arts are the areas of ust's sons and daughters, and we all know, our country can really be PROUD of that.

    networks: in the philippines alone, ust has 113 schools under its wings through the DOMNET (network of dominican schools)...then there are the 37 affiliations to the different asian universities (kyoto university, national university of singapore, thammasat university, university of australia, to name a few...), then there's the ICUSTA (international council of universities of st thomas) linking the 17 different UST all over the world...not including the different affiliations of each of the 15 faculties and colleges...the faculty of medicine alone will branch to a hundred different universities and hospitals so i will not include it anymore...

    now, who says ust is alone in the dark? do we have a rival in this aspect? the point lies in the fact that ust remains humble and lowly inspite of its overwhelming credits here and abroad. next to the state u, which is easily identified abroad because of the word "philippines", ust is the only philippine university revered across the globe. and we have 400 years of history to support that fact.
  • i think none, but this school needs to change and move forward, looking back is good...but planning ahead is even better....i would suggest that we should have more extension schools (ex. in Q.C.) and then have more researches and international linkages, student exchange programs and scholarships.... (like oblation and the merit scholarship) furthermore i would like to suggest that the admin approve movements being initiated by some students to have a magna charta of student rights.... and that the students should have representation in academic meetings
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