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Best Vehicle for a long drive?

.. let me say tatagal ng 9 to 12 hrs drive w/ a few stops of course, we're gonna get one this weekend,pero wala pa kaming specific na idea kung ano ang mas maganda talaga,we have this mercury villager na mini-van,hindi pa namin ito nagamit sa long drive,kaya worry kami at baka biglang tumirik sa Interstate. thanks!


  • depends how many you guys are....How about an Odyssey or a Town and Country? just suggesting...
  • Any well-tuned/maintained vehicle can be driven for long periods of time. Why not tune up the Villager? Instead of getting (renting or buying?) a different one?


    Trans. oil

    Bring a cellphone and credit cards, in case of emergency. Have a nice trip.
  • gotcha2
    gotcha2 You dont have to believe me
    better off renting a van para walang hussle. 2003 Dodge caravan goes as low as 30 bucks a day/200 a wk unlimited mileage pag matiaga kang maghanap. Browse ka sa internet and sometimes may free air miles pa.
  • a Winnebago para maski isang taon ka on the road
  • Mickey2000
    Mickey2000 TheFoodBlogger
    we will gonna get a new one, tre-trade in na lang namin yung luma,pampababa ng monthly payment.
    pwede rin RV,para yung pambayad ng bahay,bayad na lang sa RV :D
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    A minivan like the Dodge Caravan would do OK since it gives you a commanding view of the road while still giving you space for luggage and humans.

    Get one also that has cruise control. :)

    If you use the Villager, get a tune-up and service before the trip. Check also your tools, tire pressure (including spare tire), etc...
  • OTEP R
    OTEP R Admin
    Ok naman ang Villager. Co-designed with Nissan 'yan, diba? Pls. concur mr. slamm. :)
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