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gear shifting style

jst curious?
anu yung gear shiftin style nyo? :)

example :

car model gear max speed rpm

kia pride gtx 1.3 1-2 10 2000
2-3 30 2000
3-4 50 2000
4 5 70 2000

max speed 120 km/h (nag-aalarm na kc e)


  • It really depends on what I'm trying to do... if I'm driving ordinarily, I shift from 1st to 2nd at 20kph; 2500rpm, 3rd at 40kph; 3000rpm, 4th at 60kph; 3000rpm, 5th at 80kph; 3000rpm... :)

    When going quickly, my revs can reach up to 5,500 rpm (I rarely, if at all, go near the red line.) with about a top speed of 175kph. But at that speed, the chassis begins to vibrate already, so I never dared to maintain that speed... :eek:

    Oh yeah... my car's a '93 Civic ESi. :)
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    There are several factors like road condtions (uphill, downhill, wet, dry, rough, etc.), the load of the vehicle, and how you want your pace to be. At the average, i shift gears every 20kms
    1st-2nd: 20kph
    2nd-3rd: 40kph
    3rd-4th: 60kph
    4th-5th: 80kph

    You can shift earlier at times if the car is light and you're stepping on the accelerator very light. It helps save fuel but there's a big If on how you step on the gas pedal. :)

    A good number of the cars are geared to keep 3000rpm the 20kph intervals (20, 40, 60, 80, 100kph).

    When on mountain roads, passing situations, high speed runs, etc... I shift later, sometimes at redline, to keep more control and balance in the car.
  • FendeR_21
    FendeR_21 National Day of Shame
    i used to be a gas guzzler.. u knw wat i mean. But im saving fuel ds days kc malapit na pasko hehe i feel like a F1 driver coasting to the finish line.. now my settings are :

    1st - 2nd : 15 kph (20 max)
    2nd - 3rd : 25-30
    3rd - 4th : 40
    4th - 5th : 50 up...

    is this driving style bad for the engine? im a "coaster" :)

    my ride now is a Nissan super saloon 95
  • By my reckoning, this would put your shift somewhere in the 2000 rpm range... this shouldn't be bad for the engine and it does save a lot of fuel, just don't insist on it on steep uphills and the like since your engine needs the power to pull the car up. But it shouldn't be a problem on flat and downhill surfaces. :)
  • FendeR_21
    FendeR_21 National Day of Shame
    definitely on 2000 rpm range, d only time i exceed 2000 rpm is when i reach 5th gear and drive it smoothly to the max.. only on flat surfaces though :) the car is gonna cough out if im gonna coast it on steep roads :) Hey it takes some time to adjust ur driving style.. or is it just me hehee, thanks for d advice
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    I used to have a VDO fuel flow gauge on our Space Wagon before. I noticed that the fuel flow would sometimes even increase more due when you shift too early... more noteably in situations where you end up pressing the gas a bit more because the engine is having a hard time due to the early shift. As aformentioned, the road and car conditions plays a factor on the shift points. :)

    Fender_21 you drive a Nissan chief??? Check out :)
  • marco_1
    marco_1 M I Y E M B R O
    have u tried installing a super turbo charger in your car, d one w/c was invented by a filipino (featured in magandang gabi bayan)?
  • FendeR_21
    FendeR_21 National Day of Shame
    thanks slamm :)
  • ichi
    ichi Ichi the Great
    depends on the car actually =)

    smaller engine = higher rpm before you shift to the next gear.
    and of course how heavy the passengers are...hehehe
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    It depends...I try to stick to the 20km/h-per-gear rule as much as possible, but I upshift early in slow-moving traffic to keep my engine at 2000 RPM or lower.

    As for downshifting, I blip the gas pedal first before going into a lower gear. Done correctly, it smoothens the downshift.
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