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[Merged] Tips On How to Save Fuel

FendeR_21 National Day of Shame
hey my ride is a Nissan Sentra 1995 1.6L Super saloon.. big engine n im trying my best to save gasoline in this trying times... any fuel saving-tips from car enthusiasts here? Thanks


  • MJ
    MJ Malaking Jird
    take it easy on the revs... :)
  • pse907
    pse907 外国人
    Here are a few tips I remember from a driving handbook I read before :

    *avoid jackrabbit starts;mas maganda pag swabe yung acceleration mo

    *avoid parking in the sun to lessen gasoline evaporation

    *make sure that your engine is in tip top shape an engine in good shape consumes fuel efficiently

    I'm sure the other guys can help you out.
  • Maintain well-inflated tires, believe it or not.
  • FendeR_21
    FendeR_21 National Day of Shame
    thanks guys , this hard times i have been driving in top gear like a F1 car in a safety car lap... like when a reach +40 km/h i dont hesitate to go to 5th gear just to looower the revs... hehe, i hardly hear my noisy muffler anymore hehe... dis is a cool forum.. any more tips?
  • Do not use the A/C! Nyahaha!
  • For regular city driving, try to keep your engine speed to under 3,000 rpm, even at around 2,000 rpm is doable, though a bit slow. I find that keeping my rpm to an average of 2,500 rpm helps me stretch a full tank of gas to about 450 km. (Civic ESi 1.8L) :)
  • Mokkori, is your Esi sporting a B18 engine?
  • Nope... Regular ESi engine, with larger bore cylinders. Considered a stroker but that would've been much too much of a headache. :)
  • meron pa ba kayong tips on how to save fuel? hehehe.

    Ano ba ideal na speed sa highway natin (syempre given dapat na walang traffic) na makakasave tayo ng fuel? Ang 60km/h ba eh mas matipid kaysa sa 80km/h or baliktad? or mali pareho?
  • May nababasa ako sa mga ibang websites at newspaper dati na iyong consumption nila nasa 25kms per liter 20kms per liter paano nila na-aachieve iyon?

    Iyong sa newspaper nabasa ko iyon na meron contest ang Shell ata or Caltex (can't remember) na kapag ginamit mo ang fuel nila eh mas malayo ang mararating mo. So para ma-prove iyon gumawa sila ng contest at ang mga results eh grabe 20kms per liter, 25kms per liter.

    Nasa sa kotse ba iyon? Kung tama ang pagkakatanda ko iyong nag 20kms per liter eh Toyota Corolla na taxi, 97 ata ang model. Basta nakakatuwa. Paano ba nagagawa iyong mga ganyan na matipid iyong kotse lumagok ng gas?
  • Mokkori
    Mokkori Moderator
    Keep revs below 3000 rpm and that'll save some fuel over the distance without compromising daily driving too much. The AC causes the engine to eat up more fuel as well.

    There are other things like making sure that the engine is well tuned, all filters are clean... basically well maintained.
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    There was a similar thread on this. Surely you could have searched for it as it wasn't THAT old?

    Nandoon lahat ng nasabi naming sagot.
  • fishballs_88
    fishballs_88 patuhog hehehe :))
    Now that fuel prices are soring high, what driving measures or engine care do u do to limit your fuel comsumptions?

    for me, i shift my gears to neutral on down hill roads. :p

    whats your idea?
  • Oh no, don't trade your life for fuel savings! :eek: Never freewheel on any terrain
  • just fyi modern cars still consume gas even when you're in neutral to avoid stalling the engine while when you put your car in gear it consumes no gas whatsoever.

    if you want to save on fuel then dont drive aggressively or do hard breaking when unnecessary. plan out your trips so you're less likely to make wasteful side trips. fuel up with the right gas for your car. people have the perception that their car will run better on high octane fuel but fact is your car might not even really need it. remove excess baggages and materials from your car. weight sucks up gas. drive an economical car. do you really need to drive an american SUV to go to a sari-sari store? when unnecessary use alternative modes of transport like biking or walking. it's healthy too!
  • elyserva
    elyserva Crazy Penguin
    The most efficient traveller in the world is a man on a right sized bicycle!
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    Remove dead weight from your car.

    Be smooth with your driving (minimal input from gas, brakes, steering).

    Maintain your car well.

    And for heaven's sake, stop buying huge SUVs.
  • rave
    rave Moderator
    i shift my gears to neutral on down hill roads.
    Hehe I see you're trading off "fuel efficiency" for worn-out brake pads. :D

    And I think you won't be saving fuel at all. Even if you shift to neutral, the engine would still be running. That would be no different from letting go of the accelerator while in-gear. In the latter case, you'd also have the advantage of engine braking.
  • There are couple of ways we can save gas.

    - It's all about momentum. You should avoid abrupt increase in speed and hard braking. You should never drive eratically.
    - Plan ahead. Carefully anticipate cars infront so you'd be able to react accordingly so as to avoid losing momentum.
    - Don't be a clutch driver. Besides the probability of damaging the cluctch, it also wastes gas.
    - Gas up during the cool times of the days preferabbly on early mornings and on evenings.
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