Perla soap

hi doc. ! ok lang po ba ang perla soap sa face, nag karoon po ako ng pimples because of pregnancy, i notice na i dries my pimples fast, very fast! wla po ba ingredients na harmful sa pregnant?


  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    I have no idea what they put in Perla soap. The manufacturers do not exactly broadcast what they mix in with that product. As for pimples during pregnancy, it's due to the hormonal changes occuring in your body. Don't worry about it, it will disappear so you don't have to treat it.
  • prettybabe21prettybabe21 Member PExer
    Ako din, I'm using perla soap for my face. It was recomended by my friend who happened to have pimples before. Now, hndi n cya ganon tinitigyawat at pati ung marks ng pimples nwla n. What I knew, Gladys Reyes is also using Perla soap aside from calamansi.
  • CoolCucumberCoolCucumber HEALTH.FREAK.WANNABE. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ang perla kasi sobrang nakaka-dry ng skin. and yeah i use it also on my face kapag may pimple ako at ok naman, walang rashes na lumalabas.
  • stampstamp Member PExer
    that's true !!! nung maliit pa ako yung maid namin binababad pa sa face nya yun perla! yung kapatid din ng friend ko sa las vegas perla rin ang nakapadpakinis ng face nya. Bumili nga ako nung nagbakasyon ako dyan sa tin dahil nagiging prone ang hubby ko sa pimples. I was planning to research or ask my OB kaya lang wala ngang ingredients eh ang OB ko is Vietnamese kaya no idea rin sya sa perla...pero it really works
  • JongaJonga Banned by Admin PExer
    di ba pagdry ang face mo, magkakapimples ka rin? tanong lang
  • poleenepoleene care mo? PExer
    may ka-boardmate ako nung college, perla rin ginagamit nyang sabon, i don't know kung nakakaputi yun o talagang maputi lng siya, pero flawless nga yung balat niya. (no pimples and blemishes) :)
  • eyedoceyedoc Member PExer
    Although I am not sure of Perla's components, as a general rule, detergents targetted for clothes washing contain petroleum oils as their base, unlike toilet (bath soaps) which contain vegetable or animal oils.

    Since, like I said, I am not sure of Perla's ingredients, it's pretty hard for me to comment on its good or bad effects.
  • changelingchangeling Member PExer
    have been using perla soap (the translucent one na offwhite color, iyong hindi mukhang sabon panlaba) since i was little. i noticed the same thing: it's good for oily skin like mine. no rashes and pimples, and skin feels cleaner after using. noon kasi hindi naman marketed as "sabong panlaba" yung was only till a few years ago (4?) na marketed siya as such.

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