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Comments on these players fantasy stats for the upcoming nba season:
Will go up or down? Justify.. :)

1. Raef Lafrentz
2. Steve Nash
3. Jason Terry
4. Jalen Rose
5. Kurt Thomas
6. Drew Gooden
7. Shawn Marion
8. Andre Miller


  • 9ino9ino -=ProFesSoR DuNk=- PExer
    - up. nasa East na sya sigurado mas maraming rebounds yan.

    - up. more scorers in Mavs = more assists for Steve Nash

    - stay the same. parang wla syang gana sa hotlanta eh. si SAR parin siguradong malakas sa fantasy stats ng Hawks.

    - down. hula ko lang. nagiging halimaw na sina Curry and Chandler. baka mainggit si Rose, mag-jock up ng maraming tira. :D ( Crawford sigurado ako tataas! ---last year of contract, and no JWill to share his minutes.)

    Kurt Thomas
    - it depends on how healthy Mutombo and Dice are goin to be.

    - up. actually he already went up last year, so baka stay lang muna sya dun sa ganun. Center lalaruin ni Howard dba?

    - definetly up! one of the most underrated in the L. this year sigurado ako aangat na sya sa level nila Paul Pierce.

    - up. 2 yrs ago nung nasa Cavs pa sya, he was a fantasy material. why did he silenced like that last year? alam nya kc na di sya magtatagal sa Clips kaya walang gana maglaro. But now that he have Melo and Nene, sigurado ako ganado na ulit yan.

  • caloycaloy Ole Ole Ola PExer
    Raef - will get more minutes and might become the celt's second option after pierce. rebounds and blocks will surely increase as he now plays in the center-challenged eastern conference

    Nash - assists will be up but points will be down as he will try to keep Mav's offense minded players satisfied

    terry - will probably go up with the absence of big dog

    rose - stats will go down as pip will eat into his minutes and continued improvement from curry, crawford and chandler

    thomas - slightly less stats as mutumbo and, to a lesser degree, van horn take away some of his points, rebound and blocks

    gooden - probably down because of the addition of howard

    matrix - will continue to improve and be one of the all-around players in the NBA

    dre - will probably go up as he wants to forget about his disastrous year with the clips and start anew
  • stanchstanch Member PExer
    thanks for the responses..
    how about the following:

    carlos boozer
    jason richardson
    desmond mason
    alonzo mourning
    doug christie

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