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Mavs get Antoine Walker from Celtics in five-player deal



  • bigbadwolfbigbadwolf AtletA SportsWear PExer
    We all have to remember that Coach Don Nelson is not your regular coach. He was responsible for bringing in Shawn Bradley to Dallas, sigining then-unknown German national team forward Dirk Nowitzki, and trading for Juwan Howard/Nick Van Exel only to use them again for trade bait.

    He hasn't been known to play players on their traditional positions. He'd rather field in 5 players based on their abilities (ball handler, slasher, shooter, defensive assignments, rebounder) regardless of their size.

    I say that Dallas walked away as the winner in this trade. Clearly, they don't want to play a 48-minute full-court ala-college type of Defense. They'd rather focus on mismatches. Imagine this scenario in the West, Nash/Delk in the backcourt - faster and more offensive firepower compared to most teams in the West, Nowitzki/Jamison/Walker - very versatile frontcourt that may not match up to bulky teams like the Spurs (Duncan), Lakers (Malone/O'Neal/Grant), or Kings (Pollard/Webber/Divac) man-to-man but they would create defensive mismatches to their advantage.

    With Nelson at the helm of the Dallas Mavericks, expect an exciting season from them, especially with new faces donning the Mavericks uniform.

    *Disclaimer: Di Dallas Mavericks ang favorite team ko ha :)
  • NINJeremyNINJeremy The Wretched ✭✭
    With Nelson at the helm of the Dallas Mavericks, expect an exciting season from them, especially with new faces donning the Mavericks uniform.
    And expect another foiled run for the championship cause their defense can't hold opposing teams :)

  • PandaemonaeonPandaemonaeon Moderator PEx Moderator
    The "Allas Mavericks/no D" cliche is a bit misleading. Are they a great defensive team? Hell no. But their defense is not as bad as most people put it out to be. They were ahead on some of the leagues 'defensive powerhouses' last season as proven by the following stats:
    • Points allowed per game: 95.2 - better than the Lakers, Kings, T-Wolves
    • Opp. field goal percentage: 43% - better than the Lakers, Pistons
    • Opp. 3 point fg percentage: 34% - better than the Pistons, T-Wolves, Lakers [despite playing zone, a defensive play that leaves players open for 3-point shots]
    • Opp. turnovers per game: 15.3% - better than the Kings, Spurs, Lakers, Pistons, T-Wolves

    And contrary to popular belief, the center spot is not the Mavs biggest concern. Bradley is SUFFICIENT enough to handle big guys from other teams as long their names are not Shaq or Duncan.... which quite frankly, are unguardable anyways.

    The Mavs real problem is actually rebounding. They led the league in opponents rebounding % allowed with 45.5 and 12.7 of it from offensive putbacks. The same reason why Portland climbed back up from a 3-0 deficit, the same reason why the Kings beat the Mavs twice in games the Mavs should've won (offensive putbacks by Clark in 2 separate occassions) name any game they lost: DALLAS ALWAYS LOSES WHEN OUTREBOUNDED BY THE OPPOSING TEAM.

    Compare that wonderful stat to the games they lost because their weak center got bitchslapped by the opposing teams big man (the "weak center = losses" argument) and it just doesn't match up. Yao lit up the Mavs with 30-points and they still lost and was eventually swept, Ilgauskas scored 34-pts and led during the entire game and they still lost, Pau Gasol had a lot of good games against the Mavs but yep - still lost, the same story for Ratliff, Dampier, Kurt Thomas, Antonio Davis, Nesterovic, etc.

    Bottomline: I'm not saying the Mavs are a great defensive team, but they're not horrible in that department either like most people say.

  • NINJeremyNINJeremy The Wretched ✭✭
    That was a good and informative post Pandaemonaeon ;)

    Well, if that's the case then they had problems making the necessary stops in the playoffs.

    Seems to me that they are having problems raising their level defensively come play off time wherein most of the elite teams have raised it a notch higher :)

  • VINCEsanityVINCEsanity Member PExer
    ang lakas na ng dallas

    they are team to match sa la, if kobe plays!
    pero cyempre andyan pa rin ang san antonio and sacramento !
  • 9ino9ino -=ProFesSoR DuNk=- PExer
    Trade na lang nila si Jamison kay Antonio Davis and some fillers! Para maging teammates uli si Carter & Jamison --- two former Tar Heels, magbespren, and soon-to-be magbilas. :D

  • YojYoj Member PExer
    Walker is more of a liability for Dallas. Puro tsamba lang tira nun!
  • out of orderout of order Member PExer
    e paano kung di masyadong tumira si Walker? gagawin naman siyang point forward ni Nelson e. even with the attitude that Antoine Walker has, i think that he'll be more selective with his shots. will Antoine Walker be a liability? i don't think so because he can provide more points and will fit in with the offensive powerhouse model of the Mavericks. but the question is, do they still need more offense (in terms of scoring and passing) in exchange of the inconsistent but still promising Raef Lafrentz? currently i think that they don't need Antoine but on the business and planning for the future side, the Mavs needed that trade.
  • 9ino9ino -=ProFesSoR DuNk=- PExer
    I think target ni Cuban kay Walker is to be the triple-double type of guy. Sinabi ni Cuban yun. Well, based on his first Mavs game kagabi, it's possible: 13 pts, 7 assists, 5 rebounds in 25 minutes.

    Isa pang plano ni Cuban kay Walker:
    “I've got to find a way to make money off this shimmy thing.” ---Mark Cuban

    of course he's talking about Walker's signature shoulder shake. :D

  • NINJeremyNINJeremy The Wretched ✭✭
    Possible pa nga quadruple double kapag isasama ang three point fgs attempts n'ya :glee:


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