What do you think of your teams' offseason moves?

genya_arikadogenya_arikado also known as ninja_star PExer
As in, judging from what you've seen in the preseason. Do you think the new rookies are any good, the trades the GM made etc...

Since I run with the Mavs (as you can see from the tag underneath my handle), I'll share my thoughts on the Dallas offseason.

I'm pretty frigging happy with the moves they made this offseason. I was getting pretty scared reading headlines like "Dallas left out in the cold" etc. when the rest of the major West powers were getting beefed up (well, LA and Minny anyway. Sacto gained Big Brad (!) but lost a lot of depth in Turkoglu, Pollard, etc., and SA got... well, they didn't get much for all that money they spent. But anyway...) but I was thrilled about the deal they pulled off with the GSW. Jamison is a great addition and well worth the price of losing Nicky V, we need those boards. But having Fortson, Welsch, and Best (to replace Nick as the backup twoguard) to kick around is great. :shy:

I want to shoot the guy who decided to cut Raja Bell, though. Idiot... :mad:

How about you guys? Laker fans? Any new Minnesota groupies? :D


  • peacelove143peacelove143 The Kingpin PExer
    t'wolves are now on a quest to win now... (they should think of moving past the first round)

    my teams:

    clippers: kept 2 (maggette, brand), lost 3 (miller, odom, olowakandi). still have quality line-up. can contend for the bottom spots...

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