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has anybody heard of this company? better yet, does anybody from PEx work there? any info/feedback as to company culture, pay, etc. will be appreciated.


  • my sweetie works there... :love:
  • hmmm, i heard they do mostly sales... with strict quota.
    they once occupied buendia center along gil puyat and is now located in alabang.
    currently, i think they're handling kenny rogers for inbound.
  • JohnstonJohnston PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i guess they're planning to move their office in eastwood soon..
  • yup, i believe they do mostly sales nga ata...:p i've heard din about eastwood, but i'm not sure if they are really moving, i think it will just be another office... so magiging 2 operation centers na... :)
  • from what I know it bought out another call center that's why it's based in Alabang. And that they'll establish base as well in eastwood.

    This CC is into telemarketing.
  • TiNyCuTiETiNyCuTiE PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    excuse me..yan ba yung i-call dati?
  • Originally posted by TiNyCuTiE
    excuse me..yan ba yung i-call dati?

    hindi ata... :nope:
  • Originally posted by * tinny gUrL *
    hindi ata... :nope:

    Yes. they bought I-Call. release:


    Epixxtar to Acquire Philippine Call Center
    Tuesday, September 23, 2003 - 9:41 am ET

    Acquisition To Add Up To 1,000 More Seats In The Philippines

    MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 23, 2003--Epixtar Corp. (OTCBB:EPXR - News) - today announced that it has executed a Memorandum of Agreement with I-Call Global Services Corp. subject to conditions to acquire the physical assets of its Manila, Philippines-based call center. The Company plans to establish its own call center and expand the facility to 1,000 seats. The acquisition, when completed, will represent Epixtar's second Philippine call center.

    The center, located in an upscale Manila suburb called Alabang, provides access to additional workforce in the Carmona and Santa Rosa communities. The Alabang facility will complement Epixtar's facilities under management in Bombay, India and recently opened in Eastwood City - Manila, Philippines.

    Epixtar, by separate arrangement, assumed responsibility from present ownership for day-to-day management of the call center where the assets are located on September 8, 2003. The Company said it has begun utilizing the center's existing capacity to market services on behalf of its enterprise clientele.

    This brings the total number of call-center seats currently under development to 3,500. The Company has plans to develop additional capacity in Calcutta, India in FY 2004 and Capetown, South Africa. The Company said it has a Memorandum of Understanding with the government of West Bengal relating to Calcutta and is exploring various options in Capetown.

    "This acquisition will provide additional capacity to support our sales and marketing efforts," said Gerald Dunne, executive vice president and head of sales for Epixtar Corp. "This also provides us access to the considerable human capital residing in communities surrounding Manila. Our ability to continually attract quality personnel has been particularly essential to our growth and development and has kept us in the forefront of the surging paradigm shift to offshore business process outsourcing."

    About Epixtar Corp.
    Epixtar is a provider of marketing services - aggregating contact center capacity and robust infrastructure to deliver comprehensive, turnkey solutions. From campaign design through ongoing management, Epixtar delivers value-driven, creative solutions for telesales initiatives. Epixtar combines global capacity with innovative performance-based compensation and proven methodology to deliver highly successful marketing campaigns. Leading companies use Epixtar's marketing expertise and contact center capacity to acquire, support, and enhance the customer experience, reduce costs and generate top-line revenue. Based in Miami, Florida, Epixtar conducts operations in India, the Philippines, and the Caribbean.

    Safe Harbor Statement
    This release contains statements about expected future events and financial results that are forward looking. These statements are based on our estimates and assumptions and are subject to risks and uncertainties. Actual results could be affected by a downturn in the economy, new competitive products, slower rate of growth in member base, higher than anticipated cancellations, unforeseen expenses, or technical failure related to self generating web site development or inability to scale server capacity to meet demand. Forward-looking statements include the information concerning our possible or assumed future results of operations. Forward-looking statements also include those preceded or followed by the wrds: "anticipates," "believes," "estimates," "hopes" or similar expressions. For those statements, we claim the protection of the safe harbor for forward-looking statements contained in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
  • aww... ok! :) tnx for the info! :D
  • ambertookmeambertookme 🦅 Eagle Squad🏅
    TL friend ko diyan.
  • hehehehe

    GOOD LUCK sa mga taong magttrabaho dito!

  • Originally posted by iratootsie

    GOOD LUCK sa mga taong magttrabaho dito!


    Hahahaha. Bakit mo nasabi yan? Dahil sa US Federal DNC at yung attitude ng Americans toward outbound telemarketing?
  • I think magtagat tagal pa eh sisikat ang Epixtar.

    ok kse d2, Big Income na maganda pa policy.

  • EPIXTAR? hahaha good luck lang talaga.

    hindi dahil sa DNC sa states. ;)

    kung siguro di ka rep tapos napasok ka dito.. aba maganda diba...

    pero kung rep ka? hahahaha nevermind! :bleh:
  • hahaha, iratootsie what's the chismis? share naman...
  • Alleged phone crammer sued by FTC
    Epixtar was Wall Street darling earlier this year

    By Bob Sullivan

    Oct. 30 — A small Florida company that has repeatedly been accused of cramming extra charges on consumer phone bills around the country was sued by the Federal Trade Commission on Thursday. The firm was the subject of an investigation by MSNBC.com in April, after a former employee detailed the firms alleged aggressive telemarketing tactics. At one point earlier this year, Epixtar was the top performing stock on Wall Street — and shares in the firm soared more than 400 percent in the weeks after the MSNBC.com investigation.

    IN THE WAKE of the announcement, shares in Epixtar plummeted nearly 40 percent.

    Epixtar Corp., also known by its subsidiary names Liberty Online Services and National Online Services, announced Thursday that it had been sued and served with a temporary restraining order by the FTC. The firm’s assets were also frozen, pending a Nov. 13 hearing. Company officer William Rhodes was also sued by the FTC.

    Epixtar and its subsidiaries “vigorously deny any wrongdoing and believe that their business practices are in compliance with all applicable laws. They intend to vigorously defend the action,” the firm said in a press release.

    Epixtar’s chief executive officer, Martin Miller, confirmed that his firm received the temporary restraining order at its offices Thursday morning, and that the firm had temporarily stopped conducting business.

    “We are shocked by this action,” he said. “We consider it a complete violation of anybody’s due-process rights.”

    Telephone cramming, along with phone bill slamming, has become an increasing nuisance for consumers. With the Telecommunications Act of 1996, third-party firms earned the right to offer consumers additional telephone services such as voice mail, with charges for those services included on home or business telephone bills. Some unscrupulous operators manage to trick consumers into adding services, or in some cases, simply add the services without permission, and charge monthly fees — a process called cramming. Confused consumers usually complain to their local telephone provider, which did not initiate the charge and often cannot immediately remove it. Phone slamming victims find they have been tricked into switching long-distance providers.

    Earlier this year, Epixtar was accused of cramming by Missouri and Iowa state officials.

    In January, Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon won an injunction against the firm after alleging that it tricked consumers into agreeing to pay for unnecessary telephone services such as Internet yellow page listings. Nixon also said that consumers who tried to contact the company for refunds have had “misrepresentiations made to them, including altered recordings of telemarketing calls.” The attorney general’s office said it had received 69 complaints about National Online Services, one of the brand names that Epixtar uses.

    The Iowa Office of Consumer Advocate also filed a complaint about Epixtar earlier this year, including claims “that the company’s verification agent spoke far too rapidly to be understood by the consumer.”

    Epixtar’s Miller said that seven states in all had opened inquiries into his company’s practices; the firm has settled some of those cases, he said.

    Miller said his initial reading of the FTC lawsuit did not indicate that his firm was accused of cramming.

    “We sell ISP services to small business, and we do it on free trial basis with ‘convert to pay.’ They are saying we converted them to pay without their knowledge, which we categorically deny.”

    According to its Web site, Epixtar provides marketing services, and has operations in Florida, India, the Philippines and the Caribbean. Subsidiaries provide Internet service, long-distance calling cards and other telecommunications services.

    The business had been expanding, and earlier this year had filed applications to sell telecommunications services with state regulators in Ohio, California, North Dakota and Mississippi. In a September press release, the firm said it had executed a Memorandum of Agreement with I-Call Global Services Corp. to acquire a Manila, Philippines-based call center, with plans to expand it to 1,000 seats.

    Investors had rewarded the company during the span — it rose from a 52-week low of 36 cents to a high of $9.20 in May.

    But in April, the former employee, who requested anonymity, alleged that the firm had used fast-talking techniques to grow the business. It signed up 600,000 customers during the past year to monthly services that cost about $30 per month, he said. To bolster his claims of deceptive practices, the employee, who requested anonymity, shared copies of the recorded telephone calls made by company representatives.

    On one call, the Epixtar operator says she is verifying the business name and address. Then, after she gets the consumer into the rhythm of giving “yes” answers, she establishes that he has the right to make changes to the phone bill. But that key question, read at lightning-quick speed, is slipped in behind another simple “yes” answer.

    “You are authorized to make changes and incur charges on your business phone bill and are over the age of 18. I also have your main telephone number as 202 ... Is that all correct?” the operator is heard asking. The consumer replies “yes.”

    “Basically, we get one yes for four questions. Sometimes people don’t notice,” the former employee said.

    Such alleged fast-talking has gotten the company into trouble with the Iowa Office of Consumer Advocate, which says in one case “that the company’s verification agent spoke far too rapidly to be understood by the consumer.”

    The former Epixtar employee said that the $29.95-a-month service is quickly mentioned at the end of a conversation.

    “At this time we will begin your no obligation 30-day free trial. Should you decide to continue after 30 days your company’s Web and Internet service is only $29.95 monthly and will be included in your local phone bill appearing under the heading online services ...,” the operator says.

    The flummoxed consumer replies hesitatingly, “Yes ....” The former employee claimed that the tape was neatly cut after the word “yes.”

    The Missouri attorney general accused Epixtar of that quick-ending tactic. An affidavit signed by a consumer submitted by the attorney general to the court alleges that when the consumer listened to the recording of his solicitation, “the recording ended prior to me saying that if I had to call to cancel the service, I did not want it.”

    Miller denied that his firm uses quick-talking tactics or digitally edits phone calls.

    “We record all our telephone calls. ... We have a voice record of the acceptance of our services,” he said. “We bend over backwards to comply with regulations.”
  • otakusenshiotakusenshi PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    oic... so thats epixtar.. hehe... oi heard that they have the same account as with globalstride... sabi ng friend ko lang ha...
  • yep that's epixtar! hehehehe funny article.. kasi IT IS ALL TRUE!

    hahahah! kaya good luck sa mga magaapply jan ha. ako naglinis na ako ng konsensya ko.

    wala na sa globalstride ang epixtar. shempre lumipat na sa kabilang building.. isang buong building epixtar lang? hhehehe tulad ng lagi kong sinasabi

    GOOD LUCK :bleh:
  • hahaha..tama..scammers..good luck pag nademanda big time yan..shems damay damay na yan..
  • ngeeee!!!!! isa lang ang masasabi ko SCAM... pero try nyo baka nagustohan nyo dun. hehehe
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