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Karel Marquez!!!!!!!

Her Time to stand OUT!
She's the cover girl of Chalk and Pink for the month of october.
Close-up and Pond's commercial model. She's soooooooo pretty ganda pa ng voice. I love KAREL!!!!!!!!!!!!! :beauty: She's the TV's newest sweetheart!!!!!!! :*)


  • What can you say about her?!
  • Pretty nga siya nakita ko yung cover ng Chalk medyo kahawig niya si KC doon. Maganda din ang boses niya.
  • i find this girl immensely pretty, talented at napaka-humble pa. mag-tyaga lang siya, i believe she'll go a long way. muntik ko nang simutin lahat ng mazaine na cover siya! ? i just hope she'll be given better roles that the she has in berks - walang ginawa kundi umirap. she's got a nice smile, so sana bigyan naman siya ng mas "masayang" character ?
  • KindEr_OnEKindEr_OnE PEx Rookie ⭐
    send may regards to him na lang............. ;)
  • she's so pretty...ang ganda ganda niya :inluv:
  • she's the daughter pala of pinky marquez!!!!!
    i saw them in Teysi (morning show), they sang a duet.
    pag magkatabi sila, medyo magkahawig!
    pareho pang maganda yung voice nila!
  • ako rin! ang pretty niya..prettier pa lalo nung madami ako naririnig na positive things bout her.. :) sana ma-maintain niya to. :) she will really go far. :)
  • In that Mr. and Ms. cover photo, she looked a lot like a young Claudine Barretto....
  • yeah shes also in 17!!! a lil of her!!!
    she is a michelle branch lookalike!!
    she is pretty sing and plays the guitar well... she can dance!!! a sweet gurl!!!

    she is a friend of mine!!! we have a pic together! wanna see dem?! hehehehe
  • cover girl din siya ng MOD saka Women's Journal..
  • i love this gurl... ang ganda pa ng voice niya!!
  • yeah she's talented
  • markpaulmarkpaul PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
  • pwede na rin, may lasa na yun...
  • Red_WolfRed_Wolf PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Originally posted by capt_lion_heart
    pwede na rin, may lasa na yun...

    At sixteen years old? kayo ha, isip nyo, (but worth a ____-off too? Ang sama...)...anyways, boys will be boys and men will be men.:D

    Karel was...
    During the royal ad, not much to look at-though may itsura.
    on BERKS...nah, a b-tch. Just because John preferred Heart over her? Ang babaw naman, taking it too personal.
    On the close-up ad...nice megawatt smile, baby..Guaranteed to blindg you in a flash! Swerte siguro nung guy na kasama nya..huzzat, si Bruce o si Zak Hoegen-esch?
    On the POND'S ad...Yes. nagandahan ako sa kanya doon. "5 reasons why I dont like growing up..." and even on her print ads...hay, you got to call heaven, there's an angel missing from their ranks.
    Aas magazine cover girl for Chalk, Pink (on the same month? Yowza!), WJ, MOD and Mr. and Ms...ayan na, she's on a roll!:)

    pero you got to admit, she looks SO KISSABLE. :kiss::kiss:

    Personally, I'd prefer her over Heart-overexposed na siya kasi eh.

    angelofmine03, post ka naman ng pic nya and pwede mag-kwento ka pa about her, PLS? Tell her I said Hi...:blush::loveeyes: :wave:
  • markpaulmarkpaul PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
  • JohnstonJohnston PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    she's pretty!
  • man! the first time i saw her ponds commercial, i immediately had the hots for her; until now of course

    sobra the way she acted in that commercial, the way she smiles and her suaveness...SOBRA! CRUSH NA CRUSH KO TALAGA si KAREL

    KAREL MARQUEZ, I LOVE YOU! :lovesigh: :D
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