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help on windshield crack

hi! it's not really a crack but a small "bubble" inside the windshield (looks like broken glass but the crack is not palpable from the inside or outside, ie it's an internal defect). somebody told me that there's a product that you place to prevent the crack from getting bigger and prevent the windshield from ultimately self-destructing (but someone only told her about it and she does not remember who or how to get that product).

if any of you know where i can get my windshield fixed/serviced in the metro manila area, please let me know. thanks.


  • There are some windshield repair shops around Manila... The one i went to before was along Kalayaan Avenue in Q.C. near V. Luna...
  • shox920shox920 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    bili ka ng diamond na ginagamit na pam-putol ng salamin... tapos guhitan mo ng pabilog yung sinasabi mong crack/bubble....
  • temporarily protect your windshield by spreading colorless nail polish on the cracked area...then take it to the nearest repair shop.

    that should prevent the crack from getting bigger
  • sa may Malibay tabi ng gasoline station sa Edsa. Harap ng Jolibee / Mc Donald .. Evangelista St. Bangkal Makati
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