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Any car-related questions and problems please post here!

Hopefully we can meet some really good people here who are mechanically, electronically, and car enthusiastic inclined.

My first question, i accidentally touched my fog lights' live wire when i was installing my led light washers, so which fuse can i replace? Kasi bigla nalang di na nagwork yung fog lights ko naman.... My car is a 94 Accord coupe. thank you. :)


  • hmm i have a question... i really want to learn more about tweaking your car, how to get more out of your engine, how to mod so that it performs better. can anyone point me to a site that has information on this?

  • It's always best to know the basic workings of your car and it's engine before trying to mod anything... ;)

    Check some of these previous threads... you might get a good idea of where to start. :)

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  • none of those links have yet given me any idea how to fix my fuse..... although i agree to all of you that first we should know our car throughly b4 modifying it.... well i was rewiring my washer led lights and connected it to my fog light's live wires, cuz i got a separate switch for it, so that next time i see a cop patrolling the street i can just simply turn it off....

    now not sure though which fuse i would have to replace... im planning to go downtown toronto where my vietnamese friends may help me fix it (but im so lazy to go there, so i thought of seeking in a quick answers from pex). hehehe.... :D
  • Sorry, I couldn't really reply to your query since the fuse that you'd have to replace will vary widely from car to car and even model to model... even at that, you'd have to match the right ampere fuse to where it's supposed to go... I'm not even sure if changine the fuse will definitely fix your problem... I was never really good with the car electricals myself... I hope someone else here can help you out with that. :|
  • Mokkori , thanks & its ok dadalin ko nalang tsekot ko sa kaibigan ko... anyway, pagusapan naman natin ang lowering springs.

    anong sa palagay ninyo, which one has better quality, the coilover adjustable lowering springs or just those "sportline" lowering springs (sorry im not into racing type lowering springs)? :D
  • Coilovers are suggested if you plan to get some track time and want the luxury of adjusting your suspension, the ride of these are usually harder then lowering kits. If its the looks and increased handling (over stock) that you're after, go for lowering springs with a good set of sport gas shocks (KYB AGX's, Bilsteins, etc...). On the springs, a brands like H&R, and Eibach are the top choices AFAIK. :)
  • then im right. i used to have this H&R racing springs and it almost ruined my car, so i finally uninstalled it last 2 wks ago. now im planning to get eibach sportline springs. but hen yup i guess im better off with that non-coilover springs since i just had all my strut and gas shocks replaced this year.... :)
  • Dom, ganito lng yan..in order to trace what fuse to replace or check for the foglamps...

    Do the ff:

    1. Check if fog lamps are working...try attaching directly to 12V battery.

    2. if ok..then..check the line. Get ohmeter and press the speaker
    button so that you hear kung may connection. Trace either line towards the fuse of the switch. You can start from there.

    3. As for the fuse rating, check first the fog lamp current rating. You can see that on the name plate. If there's 2 lamps.. you add the rating. The fuse rating should be higher than the sum of these but lower than the rating of the wire. The idea here is to protect the wires incase may shortcircuit or else masusunog ito.
    You ask auto supplies or wire stores kung ano rating nung wire..then..off you go.

    4. be sure that ur switch is durable enough since foglamps then to eat up more current since there's arcing at the switch contacts.

    5 Or better yet, try to make another fuse line. wag ka na makikabit sa ibang fuse line para di maaffect.

  • meron ba ditong local club for beetle owners? or website ng mga beetle owners ng pinas?
  • meron
  • I have a minor problem.. I hear a high pitch screeching sound whenever I step on the brakes. My driver says that the brake discs may have developed rust already. Any ideas?
  • once a month nakikita ko mga beetle owners nagkikita sa KFC erod. puno nila parking dun.:)
  • Originally posted by keener
    I have a minor problem.. I hear a high pitch screeching sound whenever I step on the brakes. My driver says that the brake discs may have developed rust already. Any ideas?

    long squeeks means possibly pudpod na kung atleast 2yrs old na ang breaks mo.

    otherwise, pagbagobgao pa yun, talagang ganun minsan dahil di pa pantay ang pads so tendency and somehow it squeeks.

    BTW, ayus na problema ko sa foglights, la akong ginawa eh basta nalang umilaw ulit magisa.... :D
  • Originally posted by kugel
    meron ba ditong local club for beetle owners? or website ng mga beetle owners ng pinas?

    i saw one before but i fogot which link was it, anyway this might help you: http://home.oea.se/oea00002/p1.html :)
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