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Car Clubs

who's the best car club? in terms of membership, benefits, etc etc...

nissan bayan
club mitsu

ano pa ba....

ok ba to base a decision on buying a car sa corresponding car club nya? :)


  • I think its hard to rate on who is the best since just like individual persons, each has its own personality, strenghts, and weaknesses. Try to surf each website and see which group you think you fit in and feel comfy with. :)

    On asking each club for advise on what's the best to buy, there may be biases since they will usually know more about their own rides then the other possibiliites... IMO, the best is to correlate each of the pros and cons that you can get from them.

    Most of the time, the people join their respective "clubs" because they represent the car brand that they currently own. :)

    There's also Grupo Toyota, Diesel Club, Protege Tech (Mazda)...

    BTW, Nissanbayan is just one word. :p
  • NB member here!:cool:
  • protegetech member here! we are a jolly group of people..

    i dont think its a good idea to base your decision on the club where you want to join...kung gusto mo worry free motoring, i suggest buying a car na medyo sikat (rolla, civic, etc)..this is for easier availability of parts...pero it still depends..i drive a mazda familia...marami nagsasabi na mahirap parts...mahirap talaga, IF hindi mo alam kung san makakabili...protegetech helped me a lot..
  • walng kwenta lahat!!!
  • how can you say na walang kwenta?
  • basis please. because in my experience, maraming naitulong org ko. nakatipid ako and nakasource out ako ng original parts because of my org.
  • Wala raw kwenta kasi wala siya cotse :D
  • Daihatsu Club!

  • DieselClub.org for me. :)
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