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[Merged] Tips On Buying Second Hand Cars

i need help guys!

advice naman dyan :)



  • I'd get a personal mechanic to check the car up and down... check things like mileage... oil level, coolant level, brake fluid, clutch fluid, power steering fluid, air filter, spark plugs... (these might give you an idea of how the car's been maintainted)... how old is the car... have the mechanic check the under chassis, suspension, steering parts, and so on and so forth... and yes, test drive it if you can... :|

    Getting a second hand car is always risky, so try to always get from a reliable source, like maybe someone you know already and the like... you never know when you might wind up with a lemon... even if you've check the car from nose to tail... :|
  • Try to stick to one that is relatively new. :)

    Try to avoid buy and sell peeps as much as possible since the chances for a tampered mileage, and hidden defects are very high.

    When i look at 2nd hands, i try to get one from an owner who is selling, then i check the mileage first and see if there are any service records.

    - Try to compute the average mileage per year of the car (usually, 12000-15000km per year is a good number).
    - If the car runs less then 10K a year, i already begin looking harder for some possible tell tale signs of a tampered mileage. Some examples would be wear and tear to the interior (seats, steering, shift knob, pedals, etc) and even the disk brakes (check if the grooves on the rotors are already deep. Check if the wear and tear to the aformentioned things will correspond to the mileage or not (some peeps try to hide it by changing to newer steerings, shift knobs, etc... or covering them).
    - missing service records can sometimes mean that the mileage was tampered. If the records are there, you can call/visit the dealer to verify the service records and history.
    - try to start the engine when its cold. There are engine problems/noises that come out only when the car is cold. Turn on the a/c and rev the car slightly... observe for any erratic idling or vibrations and noises.
    - bring the car to gas station and lift it up on a lifter so you can check for any leaks, suspension damage or underchassis damage (this really helps since you can miss a lot by not looking under IMO).
    - check the spare tire area for any signs of rear end collision, same goes with the engine bay area for a front-end collision
    - check for misaligned panels, mismatched paint.
    - check for loose screws, and paint "sprayover" under the doors, fender and in the wheel wells.
    - test drive the vehicle and check for any unusual suspension noises and "kalampag".
    - never check a car out at night.

    Take your time, when in slight doubt, dont push yourself to buy the car. Ask your friends if they are disposing or know of someone who is...
  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    to add some more,

    make sure that the car you're buying hasn't been into an accident nor it had any major body/ mechanical repairs.
  • Ang hirap din dyan sa atin ng pagbili ng second hand cars.... unang-una, masyado nang napabayaan ang consumers. Ni wala tayong lemon car law for new and 2nd hand vehicles. Wala rin tayong organized records ng mga history ng sasakyan (i.e. records which shows that the vehicle was stolen, salvaged, flooded, shows potential odometer rollback, rebuilt, used as rental or fleet vehicle, been a taxi/police car, a lemon or has been into a hail storm/accident/fire), kaya wala rin tayong maasahang 3rd party para sa vehicle history reports like carfax, autocheck, consumerguide, etc.

    Actually, slamm pretty much summed up what to look for in buying a 2nd hand vehicle. Dagdag ko lang na it wouldn't hurt to ask for a warranty.
  • Could anyone give me tips on buying 2nd hand cars. What brands to consider, what should be the mileage, and anything that could help me in deciding what to buy. My budget is only 100k, so I'm just considering the 90-91 models. Hope you could help me.
  • There are a lot of things to consider when buying 2nd hand cars. First off, it's important to know of the car's history, if it's ever been into an accident or what problems it may have had with the previous owner. In such a case, it's always best to buy from someone you know or trust. Of course you don't always have this luxury.

    Some things to know of the the car's history are things like how often the oil was changed, the brake fluid, the brake pads, coolant, filters and so on. These are things that should be changed regularly so it's good to know of how the previous owner maintained the car. Unfortunately, without really knowing or trusting the person, there's no real way to verify this.

    That aside, mileage is one thing. A good car should run a little above 10,000-15,000 kms a year on the average. That's pretty good mileage already, on certain extremities, a car can average as little as 5,000 kms a year up to perhaps even 25,000 kms anually. Either way, the 10k-15k measurement should give you a good idea of how much the car has been used since it was new. Of course, the lower the better.

    My best advice is to bring a mechanic with you to the car and have him look it over so that you know the condition of the car from the mechanic's view point as well. And of course, take the car for a test drive as well. :)
  • As far as car brands go, almost any car would do really. It all depends on which car you prefer to begin with. It all really depends on the car's condition like I said earlier.

    Besides that, different car manufacturers have different strengths. Toyotas are good to maintain since parts are cheap and easy to find. Hondas are good performance-wise and with aftermarket upgrades but parts are a tad harder to find and more expensive. I tend to find Nissans to be sturdier than either of the two. Either way, your preference in the car is really your choice.

    Try looking through Car Finder ads or maybe at 2nd hand resellers. 2nd hand resellers may be more expensive but at least you'll have someone to return the car to and complain if things don't turn out so well.

    Anyhow... hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions. :)
  • Well, thanks a lot Mokkori, I'll keep all your tips in mind..... but you said something about Toyota, Nissan, and Honda, but what can you comment about the performance, the availability and cost of parts of Mazda and Mitsubishi cars.

    ......And do you know any websites for 2nd hand cars?
  • I don't have much experience with Mitsubishi, but I'd put parts and affordability somewhere in between Honda and Toyota. As for Mazda, even though they've recently relaunched the brand here, parts aren't that easy to find yet. Depending on the model, parts can be easy or hard to find for Mazda. Familias are the easiest of the Mazdas to find parts for, but the Miatas are a bit of a pain.

    Try searching for Car Finder on the net, I think they have a website, although I think that it's still under construction. :|
  • Great! Ok Thanks!
  • suggest naman kong anong 2nd hand na car ang mabibili ko sa 250,000-200,000 kasi yan na na ipon ko for 1 yr kahit student palang me at dinagdagan lang ng parents ko ng 100,000 para maging 250,000..so anong model ba at brand na car ang mabibili ko na magagamit ko sa pagpunta sa skul...thanks peps
  • Siguro Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla na 2nd hand!
  • Pao|oPao|o PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Check the classifieds and your local car lot.
  • may maganda na bang second hand cars worth 180K lang? yung lang pera ko e. Honda or Corolla.

    ok ba bumili sa Karshaw near crossings?
  • Autocamp na lang in Ortigas and Goldpark in meralco ave cor j. vargas ata yun sir.
  • CLYCLY PExer
    for a 250k budget, you can buy:

    96 Civic VTEC
    96 Corolla GLi
    97 Lancer
    98 Honda City
    98 Sentra SS


    Red 93 Honda Esi A/T for 195k

    orig paint and 60k mileage

    PM me if interested
  • get a Corolla GLi.

    good, reliable car. easy to maintain.
  • Originally posted by bishop
    get a Corolla GLi.

    good, reliable car. easy to maintain.

    ang 1998 model ba yan?
  • For 250K, a Corolla Ae101 would do... The newer the better. If your just into city driving and you'll be handling the maintainance, the 1.3 model might suit you better.

    Be careful though on the buy and sell lots/people, there is a big chance the car is not in its actual condition (mileage, engine, etc...) as they can really hide the defects. For example, if a car runs less than 10,000km a year, thats quite near impossible for most used cars, especially kung mainstream model tht has seen more than one owner.
  • yorimotoyorimoto PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Go for a 94 Civic Esi 'Matic! :)
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