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Direction Finder

Mickey2000Mickey2000 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
mickey.gifKaramihan ng mga latest model dito sa US me nakainstalled ng Direction Finder, and kapapanood ko lang sa news, laking advantage din,lalo na dito na sobrang dami rin ng carnapping, kasi kahit more than 400 miles na-dedetect nila kung nasaan ang kotse,dami na nilang narecover thru direction finder,nag wo work din from State to State,kahit na nasa private garage na yung car.
Mas maganda kung sa Pinas,meron na din,or meron na nga ba?


  • DunedainDunedain PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Lo Jack! It's a tracking device where it aids the cops to track down stolen cars easily. Details are as follows:

    (Arvada, CO) – How would you like to have your stolen car returned just a few hours – or a few minutes - after being reported missing?

    This may be a reality if your vehicle has the Lo Jack system installed.

    When Lo jack is purchased from a car dealer, the tracking device is professionally installed in a concealed area on the vehicle. If the car is stolen, the Lo Jack transmitter is switched on automatically through the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) system. As the Lo Jack system emits a homing signal, any police car equipped with the Lo Jack tracking equipment can locate the vehicle within a six-mile radius. This is achieved through a series of visual and audio “pings” that appear on a monitor inside the patrol car.

    Three Arvada police cars have been loaded with the Lo Jack equipment, with several officers trained to use the system that’s used to help identify and locate stolen cars.

    “Lo Jack is an effective tool that gives officers an added weapon in tracking stolen cars,” said Officer May Miklos. “We can track and locate a stolen automobile before a car thief knows the police are in the area, which will help maximize officer safety, and possibly prevent the cars from being used in other crimes such as robberies and burglaries.”

    While no cars with Lo Jack have been located in Arvada, many other Denver area police departments have recorded success stories in recovering stolen vehicles. More than 50,000 stolen cars have been tracked with the Lo Jack system in the United States and 40,000 others in 20 other countries worldwide.

    “We’ve been very pleased about the success of the Lo Jack system in Colorado,” said Jerry Cole of Lo Jack. “It seems like police departments are recovering stolen cars at an increased rate, which I attribute to an increased number of citizens who have had the product installed in their vehicles.”

    URL: http://www.arvadapd.org/3.cfm?page_ID=107&active=y
  • I think a similar system is available here in the Philippines. It's powered by a gsm provider(smart ata). They use a device like a mobile phone with a special sim and uses the "locator feature" to track down the vehicle's location. I saw the ad in a newspaper, Ill try to see if i can still get the details.
  • Mitsubishi's Limited Edition Pajero Field Master is equipped with an SMS-based vehicle tracking system.

    If the software and maps are available, it can be used as a navigation system also.
  • C! Magazine already tried a local one in one of their cars. It contacts you via SMS, i just cant remember the company at this point.

    An interesting part to it was that the editor from C! Mag left his car in a service shop in Makati and told the S.A. he'll be out for a few days. The guys in the shop didnt know about the device and took the car out on a joyride... the next day, the owner recieved a barrage of text messages that his car went to the mall, travelled to different places, and even reached Malvar in Batangas with a recorded top speed of 160kph... and they also crashed the car... dang... the shop really got it from him.

    One thing i wanted to try out was to get a cheap/2nd hand cellphone then get prepaid SIM card with the location finder feature activated. I'll stick it somewhere inside the car and turn it on whenever i park. :)

    Otep hilig mo sa Pajero ah... hehehehe... (guess who). ;)
  • slamm,

    Duda ko mahilig ka sa Nissan. Although I could be wrong. Hehehehe.

    Pajero lang kasi alam kong kalikutin kaya hanggang diyan na lang muna.
  • Originally posted by OTEP R

    Duda ko mahilig ka sa Nissan. Although I could be wrong. Hehehehe.

    Pajero lang kasi alam kong kalikutin kaya hanggang diyan na lang muna.

    OT: Pajero lang ba talaga yung hilig mo kalikutin? hehehe :D

    Ako naman Nissan? Pwede na rin ;)... may little birdie din dito na naka-Patrol na red.

    Going back to the topic, I think the aftermarket direction finders available locally are kinda pricey. I still rely on my good 'ol Metro Manila Road Atlas. :)
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