how to discipline your little o?

hi moms & dads out there! just want to ask your own opinion on how to discipline your little one? whenever my little one gets mad i always hear this "word" that i really hate. i always remind my little one that it's bad & that jesus will get mad. please help me on how to deal with this. thanks in advance & have a great day ahead of you all! god bless always.:)


  • lydpbslydpbs Member PExer
    Little ones are basically verrrryyy good, not yet "corrupted" by their environs. Well, just apply proper child psychology w/c I successfully did w/ my already grown-up angels (until now, they are my lovable angels). Huwag daw silang papatulan - as much as possible pleasant lang daw tayo, so that we will not experience tantrums from them ...

    Sharing w/ u: I would always tell them "sana pag-laki mo anak, mabait ka pa rin ..." then, u will surely b asked: "why, mom/dad - mabait ba ako talaga?" Our ans.: "of course, u are, just like ur Ate (or Kuya, or even ur spouse) ... *" Then, d nicest thing is when ur children embrace u upon hearing that confirmation from u . Really a great feeling for both parties (-_-)(*_*)(~_+) !!!

    Hmm, true to "my wish ko lang," my already grown-up children turned/o 2b lovable & law-abiding citizens. (Of course, it is not always Heaven .... but we are best of friends, in good & bad times, w/c is d most impt.)

    Hope this helps ... Enjoy ur little angel while he/she is relatively dependent on u, & u'll never go wrong. They say, tht we shld never waste time w/ unpleasant thoughts & "fighting" each other, but rather enjoy each other's co. Sooner than u think, ur little one is already grown-up & becomes rather independent ... get ready w/ tht abrupt transition, & much better 2b barkada's (ur child's best friend) ... Yeah, we are here 2guide them well on d rt. path. Best of Luck !
    God bless u, too. Bonjour !
  • Mickey2000Mickey2000 TheFoodBlogger PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    mickey.gifI don't know how to help but I think it is much better if you can ask her/him where did he/she get that words and tell her/him what does it mean,and also tell him/her that it hurts you when you hear him/her say that bad words,and make it sure that when you talk to him/her about it, it's like your telling a story or something,you know just having a casual conversation. :)
  • good day moms! thanks for all your replies. now i'm glad that my baby stop saying that word 2-3wks ago. i guess she just realized that it really hurt people. god bless moms! =)
  • seasonseason work in progress PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    what i'd do is i usually take my son onto my lap, look him straight into his eyes and talk to him. he understands!
  • mytitagirlmytitagirl Member PExer
    little kids always copy those around them, siguro sa kalaro or yaya or somebody around niya nakuha ang "word" that you hate. aside from talking to your child about the "word", dapat din talk to everybody who is in your household to censor their vocabulary around your child.

    yung mga batang kalye na tatakbo-takbo dito sa street namin, e, wala pang mga 5 years old nagmumura na, so kahit walang kalaro baby ko, e, okay lang keysa naman makuha niya ang street language ng mga street kids.

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