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advice on buying a pickup truck

im planning to buy a pickup truck but d problem is dat im not sure which among these diesel-engine pickups (either turbo or not) will be the best buy for my money: GMC, Chevy or Dodge?
tnx alot...


  • I'm not that familiar with pickups but are you sure that you want to buy an American brand? The resale value isn't that high and maintenance can be a bit pricey, especially on parts... plus I think most of the American pickups are major gas guzzlers... but that's just what I hear... :|
  • a dodge ram would be nice... too bad its kinda rare here in the philippines. i heard the f150 has a really bad resale value... so ur better off with the GMC
  • Toyota Tundra V8
  • Given the choices you placed down, are you from the US? :)

    When it comes to diesels, and vehicles in general, i still lean towards the Japs and Germans over the Americans... The US diesels are really huge in terms of displacement whilest the Japs and Europeans lean more towards technology to offset their smaller displacement diesels.
  • On a sidenote, someone mentioned to me before that the American diesels didnt take in our local diesel fuel too well. I dont know if this is fully true but when compared to other places, we do have a high sulfur content in our diesel fuels. Its just now that the companies will be lowering them due to the clean air act...
  • first things first, are you sure you have prospective turbodiesel units of these full-size pickup trucks locally?

    diesels on these trucks are available only in their heavy-duty variants (F-250, Silverado/Sierra 2500, and the equivalent Ram HD), which are very rare locally.
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